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“This was a fantastic class to take in order to get familiar with shooting manual and learning some tricks of the trade! I have tried a few different "self teaching" methods and using books, and the way Maggie explains things in her lessons was so much more effective! I learned so much from the class and feel so much more comfortable with my camera now - and LOVE the results I get since I've learned to shoot in manual.  I am looking forward to taking the advanced class from Maggie and learning even more! ”


“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your online classes. I took both the beginner and intermediate photography classes and they were great.

I've taken other online classes, and though I have learned a lot, I learned the most from your classes.

Thank you for sharing your hard work and your talent. Many blessing to you and your cute family. ”

Deb Zorn

“I took your first beginner class March of last year and I've taken classes from 2 other instructors since then.  And I am SOOOOO happy and thankful to be back in your Advanced class now!  You are by far my favorite instructor.  Maybe I'm just partial because you taught me how to get the heck out of auto!!  :-)  I am forever grateful for that, but that's not it!  I really truly love your lesson writing style and class format.  I'm looking forward to watching the videos to feel like I'll get to know you a little more!!  If you ever have a level 3 class, I will be right there!!!!  For now, I'm off to bed! ”


“I wanted to say I learned soooo much from your class- it was a great six weeks and am sad to see it end (wondering if you are thinking of developing anymore classes??? )  The content was incredible- feedback great and I really feel like I have grown in my skills....!!! Thank you so much for everything- your insight, teaching and information was absolutely incredible!!!  I am going back to the tutorials/assignments to make sure I have all the information:)  Thank you again and good luck with everything!!!  I hope you do some more classes, I would take them in a heartbeat:) ”

Rachel Healey