…. the winner of the give away is:

I am a scrapbooker, but through this have become very interested in improving my photography skills. I love to see your work. What I would like right now is for you to develop your actions for Elements users, as I for one would love to purchase these.
Thank you for the chance to be entered into your giveaway.

Posted by: kathy (kathyb) | June 03, 2008 at 02:45 AM

Congrats Kathy! Email me your address and I will get your package sent out next week!

Thanks to everyone for playing and for all of your feedback/comments! I am glad to know that you all do feel inspired when you come here! I am going through all of your comments and will plan some fun things to do on here in the future, including some more give aways!!

We are heading to the pool today! The boys are already in their suits and telling me that they are going to go hop in the car even though we are not going for a couple of hours! They must be excited! Tyler loves the waterslides this year and he goes down them about 100 times every time we go! He and Matthew are both a lot less afraid of the water this year – jumping in more and not being afraid to put their heads under. We start swim lessons next week and I think they will do really well this year – hoping for lots of progress. When you move here from Utah, it is hard for the kids to catch up in the swimming department since most Arizona kids basically live in the pool from the time they are born! 🙂 We are getting there!

I will leave you with a few more photos from a session that I did a while back. This little girl is just too cute!!




Have a great Saturday!!

Oh, one more thing. When you purchase my actions, the only email that I have to send the actions to is the email that is linked to your paypal account. So, it is critical that you make sure the email on your paypal account is your current email. I am trying to email the actions to someone that purchased them on June 6th and the email keeps getting returned to me. I have no other way to contact you so hopefully you will see this and email me with a new email!! If you have purchased my actions recently and have not received them, please email me!! Thanks!!

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  • laura vegas
    June 7, 2008 at 11:26 am

    congrats kathy!!! gorgeous photos maggie … she’s definatley a cutie and i just love that chair! have a great day at the pool!

  • Bridgette
    June 8, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    Does your photoshop actions work with photoshop elements?

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