I have some FUN news to share with you today!!!

Baby #6 will be joining our family this December!!

About a year ago I started having this feeling that we were missing someone. I would quickly count the kids to make sure they were all there, but it still felt like there was an empty spot in our home and in my heart. We weren't exactly sure when or if we would actually add another member to our already big family so I would push those feelings aside with the idea that we would wait to make the decision at a later time.

We strive each day to live our lives in a way that allows our Heavenly Father to guide and direct us along the path that he knows is best for our family. In my heart I knew that if there was indeed another little one waiting, it would eventually happen and when the time was right. Then when we were least expecting it, we found out that there was in fact a precious new little baby on the way!! Needless to say we are beyond thrilled and I'm excited to fill that space in our family that I have felt was missing for quite a while now!

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos-2

I'm not normally one to take maternity photos but my friend Amanda was here visiting recently so we decided to do a quick shoot and take some fun pictures! We were in the middle of a dust storm and it was over 100 degrees out so I kinda felt like I was melting, but I love that she was able to capture the joy and excitement I am feeling! 

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos-9

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos 4

I also wanted to do something fun to announce the gender of the new baby so we brought along some sequins and glitter!

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos-15

Maggie Holmes Baby Boy Announcement_1

Baby #6 is a boy!!!!! We are super excited to have another boy! We were in boy mode for many years and then switched over to baby girl mode when we had Emily and Elizabeth. Now it sort of feels like we are starting over as we switch back to baby boy mode again!!

I would love to know your favorite sources for cute boy clothing, blankets, etc. so please link me up to your fave sites and shops!! I haven't shopped for baby boy clothes in years and we are swimming in piles of pink blankets so I am definitley on the hunt to get ready for this new little guy!!

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos-21

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos 3

Maggie Holmes Maternity Photos-11

Thanks for letting me share our big news with you today!!! We can't wait to welcome him to our family!!!

Happy Day!!!