Valentine's Day was all about the kids this year! Brian and I tend to do random little things for each other throughout the year so we don't often get too caught up in making a big day out of Valentine's Day or even our Anniversary. In fact one year we both even forgot our actual anniversary! It might sound funny to admit that but I just attribute it to the fact that we are both secure in our love for each other and our relationship and so we don't need a specific day to remind us of that. 

It is kind of a funny story actually. About 3 weeks after our anniversary, we were sitting there one day with some family and I said "It seems like we forgot something important last month." We both racked our brains for a few minutes and couldn't figure out what it would be…. neither of us could think of anything. Then a little while later it hit me…… our anniversary!! We both forgot about it and it came and went just like any other day! We still laugh about it to this day!

Anyway, back to Valentine's Day. The kids were excited as ever to pass out their Valentine's cards at school. I thought I was being super prepared and we bought their cards really early this year — as soon as they hit the stores. But then I felt bad for the next month because it was like torture for them to have to just leave them in the drawer and wait and wait……. and wait…….. until the day finally would come! Nathan was cute about picking out his cards because he just knew that he couldn't give the girls the Star Wars cards he had picked out for the boys. Even though Tyler and Matthew tried to reassure him it was fine and that some of the girls would give him princess cards and other girly cards, he just couldn't be convinced. So he got a pack of Toy Story cards to give to the girls since those weren't as boyish. Such a thoughtful kid! 

But it did finally come and they got quite a bunch of colorful cards and yummy candy! Their favorite part is always coming home, dumping everything out and going through it all. Well, at least for Nathan and Matthew. Tyler "had" to check some scores on ESPN first and then he went through his later after I was done taking pictures. Typical Ty πŸ™‚

Then Brian and I gave them some little treat bags and plastic hearts that were filled with candy. They loved it! You can never go wrong with giving kids more candy!! Oh and bubble gum. They loved that the most!

Valentines Board 1

My favorite picture is the one above of Emily with the look of sheer excitement, surprise and happiness right after she looked into the little bag of candy. You would have thought we gave her a million dollars!! 

My parents also came over and gave the kids some more candy that they loved of course! Then we took them to dinner at Joe's Farm Grill, or "Joseph's Farm" as Emily calls it. Nathan had been asking for a few days what "special" things we were going to do as a family on Valentine's day so we thought taking them out for dinner would be fun. My favorite part was all of the hugs and kisses I got from them throughout the afternoon and evening. Nathan especially kept coming up to me, hugging me and telling me that he loved me. So sweet!!

Emily had her Valentine's party the next day at preschool… and I will share that in Part 2.

Hope you had a special day filled with love!!!!!!!