Tips for Using Rub Ons in Scrapbooking

I have to admit that sometimes I have a hard time using rub-ons in my scrapbooking layouts because I tend to leave them until the end and then I can't find a spot for them where they don't just fade away into the background. But Stephanie has a great solution for us today and I just LOVE her tip for painting an area of the background paper first so that the rub-ons will stand out!! I can't wait to try this!

I am so in love with the Styleboard gold rub-ons.  They have the perfect amount of shimmer and add such a beautiful pop to projects!  I love to add them to gift bags, and even photos, but my favorite is adding them in clusters on layouts.  Today I thought it would be fun to share my process for adding rub-ons.

If I'm using a patterned background, I like to paint a thin coat of white acrylic paint over my page.  This helps makes the rub-ons visible, rather than blending into the background.  For this layout, I decided to create a vertical band down the center of my page, so I quickly painted a coat of white paint over my patterned paper.  I didn't want to cover the background completely, so I painted a thin coat, allowing some of the black dots to show through.


My next step was to cut out the rub-ons.  I've found that cutting the individual rub-ons out ensures that you will get a clean, crisp image.  It also allows you to move them around and angle them in various directions.


My photos are going to go in the middle of my page, so I decided to add a few clusters of the rub-ons along the top and bottom of the band of paint that I painted on in the beginning.  Applying rub-ons is as easy as just rubbing the craft stick along the front side of the rub-on.  Easy peasy!


I also pulled out a few of the Styleboard stickers and included them around the rub-ons.  I overlapped a few of the stickers to give my page a messy, clustered feel.  As you can see, I didn't stick the stickers completely flat on my background.  I gently bent up the edges to add some texture and dimension.


And here is a look at my finished page!  


I added my photos onto the middle section of my band of paint.  Each photo is backed with pretty paper layers and doilies.  I continued the scattered look of embellishments by including a few alongside both sides of my photos.  I love the movement and flow of the page!



The shine of the gold rub-ons and embellishments is just so pretty!  If you haven't tried the rub-ons yet, I highly recommend them!  But warning….grab several packs!  They are quite addictive!!  

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Happy Thursday!


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  • Elisa
    July 11, 2014 at 1:29 am

    Love rub-ons and your page is amazingly beautiful 🙂
    What a coincidence… I’ve just posted about how to make a layout with rub-ons 🙂

  • amanda
    July 12, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Love this Stephanie!! You are inspiring me to paint on my papers!!! Always so amazing.

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