Hi there! I have a layout to share with you today along with some tips for using lots of embellishments!

This layout uses my latest collection of products, Styleboard, and is packed full of my favorite embellishments from the line!

This layout is definitely a little bit more busy than you may be used to seeing from me but I love how it turned out. Sometimes as I start gathering things I want to use for a scrapbook page, I wind up with too many things on my desk! Do you ever do that too? But then I always struggle with wanting to use it all because it's all so cute and I can't decide what to leave out!

On this layout I decided to just go for it because I wanted to use all of my favorite things from the new collection and I couldn't help myself! Here's a few tips for making it work when you have lots of embellihsments and you don't want to leave any of it out! 

1 >> Remember Contrast – it's important to think about contrast when you start adding things onto your page. If you don't have contrast between the embellishments and the background, they will get lost really easily. For example, you can see that the cork doily really pops against the pink/white background and the white flower also contrasts against the colored papers as well. If I had used a blue or pink flower, it just wouldn't have worked as well.

2 >> Cluster Embellishments Together – the best way to keep a heavily embellished page from getting too crazy is to cluster your embellishments together instead of scattering them all around the page. Here you can see that I clustered many of my things to the right of the photo and they are all touching and layered together. Visually this brings the eye to that section of the page and makes it feel like one area of interest instead of each of those things feeling separate. 

MaggieHolmesStyleboard (5 of 6)

3 >> Use a Good Sized Photo – if you are going to use lots of embellishments, it's best to use a photo that isn't too small. If I had used a wallet sized photo here, it would have been lost and the focus would be drawn away from Emily. By keeping the photo to at least 4×6 or larger, you will help balance everything out.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for using lots of embellishments on your scrapbook pages! If you follow these three simple steps, you can go ahead and pull out a bunch of your favorite things and have fun layering all of the cuteness on there!

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Happy Friday!!