Tips for Jumpstarting Creativity!

Hello there! Do you ever feel like you are in a creative rut or having trouble getting excited about what you normally love to do? I think it is a common part of the process for all of us artists. The ideas and inspiration ebb and flow and there are definitely times when we are just not feeling it. When this happens for me I have a couple of things that work to get me inspired again!

Tips for jumpstarting creativity >> The first is to take a break. It’s definitely ok to take a little break once in a while. For me this means walking away from the studio and just giving my mind some time to take a breather. Of course this isn’t always possible if I am working on a deadline or something that I need to tackle right away. But there are times when I will take a few days off from creating. I think the biggest tip here is that you don’t want to take too much time off. I find that a small break does the trick but taking too much time away sometimes makes it even harder to get started again.

The second tip for jumpstarting creativity is to try something new. This is also where Kim‘s project for today comes in. She is great at simply taking out some paper and paint or mist and playing around with her technique. For her this is part of her creative process and helps her to stay excited about her art and scrapbooking. What this means for the rest of us is that often times I find that playing around with techniques (and trying new things) without the end project in mind is just what I need to jumpstart new ideas. Like Kim does, I suggest pulling out some paper or die cuts along with some mist or paint and allow yourself the freedom to simply experiment and play. These little pieces can then be set aside to either toss or incorporate into a future scrapbook page, mini album or art journal, but the exercise will most definitely energize and inspire! Sometimes it is the pressure of starting and finishing a particular project that stifles creativity, so this process of working on something entirely for play seems to work for me every time!

I pulled out my mist sort of randomly one day and decided to create a few pages. With this one I cut some cardstock into different sized squares and used a stencil to spritz them with different colors. I like making little scraps and things for different projects in the future. It’s just fun to play and see what fun things you can make. If it’s an idea you want to try, just cut lots of smaller papers and have fun experimenting with those paints and mixed media ideas!


I also cut one of the Confetti collection papers into squares and adhered them to my page in an ombre fashion from yellows to greens. Then I stitched a few lines randomly across the layout.


The papers in this collection are so pretty and you can find just about every color to work with. I love the contrast of yellows and greens here. Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Tuesday!


Supplies Used >> Maggie Holmes Confetti Collection / Confetti Standouts / Silhouette Cameo / Teal Mist / Dark Teal Mist / Paint / White Cardstock / Confetti Chipboard Shapes Stickers / Confetti Phrase and Numbers Stickers

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