There are so many things that this girl says that we don't ever want to forget….. ever…..


She says "I love you" and we ask "how much do you love me" and she says "right now".

She tells me "I'm the line leader" all day long and makes sure that she gets in front of me and leads the way.

She says "I call shotgun" when I pick her up from school.

She kisses my pregnant belly and says "cootchie, cootchie coo" to the baby.

She is always asking for "5 more minutes" when it is bedtime.

She still calls her favorite blanket her "green gwee gwee".

When I get ready she often tells me things like "you look fancy mom" or "you look pretty like a princess mom".

She calls her soft skinny jeans her "soffily jeans".

She touches the clothes at the store and says things like "this is goooogeous" or "this is soooo adorable".

Whenever she is talking about an event that occurred in the past, whether it was last week or a year ago she starts by saying "remember, last night, when……".

She calls cupcakes "pucakes".

She answers with a very prim and proper and ladylike "yes" rather than the slang "yeah" that the rest of us tend to use.

And my favorite right now….. She always asks for "5 kisses" from her daddy and she counts them as he kisses her. He will trick her by not making the kissing sound and then she stands back, holds her hands out in a very cute and dramatic way and says "kisssss meeeeeee!!!" I've got to get this one on video!! 

Utah Oct 2010-49

Utah Oct 2010-94

Utah Oct 2010-87

She is 3 1/2, but still our baby girl princess and we adore her to pieces!!