Studio Calico Giveaway Winner!

Here is the winner (drawn at random):

Didee said:

Such a gorgeous page using the collection! I love the m
irrors in your family room too!! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing collection! xo

Congrats Didee! 

Email me your info and we will get the Home Front collection sent out to you! I know you will love it!

Thanks to everyone for all of the really sweet comments about our family room and the mirrors! Who knew that you all would love those mirrors so much! 🙂 To answer your questions — The mirrors are from Ikea and I believe they still have them. And they weren't too hard to hang actually… lots of measuring and checking all of my marks with the level before I actually hung them to make sure they would be straight and even. And if you can believe it I hung them by myself! It was a little scary up there on the ladder but you see I have this flaw in my personality where once I decide I want to do something I have no patience and I want it done NOW because I get too excited, which usually means that I don't even wait for my husband to get home to help me…. and you think I would learn my lesson but I keep doing it — like when I hung the cabinets in my scrapbook room by myself and when I put up the tile backsplash in our kitchen…. I must be a glutton for punishment or maybe I just need to learn a little patience! 🙂 Silly me!

I am super busy editing photos trying to catch up and get everyone's proofs done… I will try to post sneak peeks as I go! Here are a few from a newborn shoot I did last week…. 2 adorable little girls!


(All four photos edited with my Urban Action at different opacities from the Color Mix Set.)

Oh and one more thing…. Have you seen the sneak peeks for December's kits over at Studio Calico? I just finished up my project using the Woodwinds project kit…. If you like the Making Memories Vintage Findings products then you will love this kit! At first I wasn't sure what I would do but I love how it turned out! Can't wait to share the whole thing with you! Here is a little peek….

Project kit sneak

Oops, I know I said one more thing but there is actually something else I just thought of…. I am working on some upcoming tutorials for Studio Calico and would love your input. Is there anything that you would like to see a tutorial on? It can be something you have seen me do on a layout or a project or something photography related or even something that you haven't seen me do. What techniques are you dying to try or would like more info about? Let me know by posting your comment here and your ideas may just turn into a tutorial! Thanks in advance! Can't wait to hear from you! Have a great day!!

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  • Didee
    November 18, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    WOW….I can’t believe I won, I am so so excited!!! Thank you so very much Maggie and SC!!!! I am over the moon happy! xo

  • Erin W
    November 18, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Mrs. Maggie Holmes you are one talented lady! Mirror hanging and all. Would love to see those self-hung scrapbook cabinets…;). As for your tute question you are a phenomenal photographer. I don’t even know where to begin. My skills amount to a) Point and b) Shoot. Any knowledge you could partake for us newbies or scaredies would be great. Also what is this thing called p h o t o s h o p. Never heard of it (kidding – it scares me).
    I know those are probably very broad and general questions (are they even questions – HA). I am mostly interested in different effects you can get with a simple point and shoot and changing the tone of a photo. For example many of pics of my son are during bright light times of day, the pictures look almost too bright I am interested in toning them down a bit. Reverse for darker photos.
    When I think of more questions I will post. Oh wait one more…can you share a little bit of how you started in photography. Equiptment, kinds of sessions, classes or books, online etc. Sorry just curious.
    Thanks muchly.
    You are a rock star!

  • compléments alimentaires
    November 19, 2009 at 5:41 am

    Wow these all are amazing photographs.Both are looking very cute and so much innocent.Thank you very much for sharing all photographs with us.I like blog very much.Thank you…

  • alicia.king
    November 19, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    these are beautiful pictures! I love the colors of that bench and the building behind! Can I ask you what digital kit or paper you used for your banner on your actions blog! I love that damask! Thanks!

  • Kirsty
    November 20, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Hi Maggie
    I follow your blog, you are so talanted and everything you do is just amazing.
    I am wanting to learn more about photography and want to know if you could tell me more about your latest photo posted, is the photo brighter by using one of your actions as the window frame looks pink.. I have just got photoshop elements 7. I am now on the look out for a digital SLR camera canon 50d or Nikon d90!!!!!!any suggestions.
    PS I live in aust, can i still do your photography workshop?
    Thanks for you time

  • Naomi Chokr
    December 2, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Hi Maggie!
    I love your work and look forward to taking your class in Jan. Question for you and I hope you can help me out. I have all of your actions and i love them. But Im afraid that Im not using them right. When you have time can you make a tutorial about them? I read what you had posted on the Studio Calico blog but is it just as simple as clicking play? Can you use it on just certain parts of the picture? Like the background use vintage then a chair use the color pop?
    Your baby photo above can you give me some tips on how you achieved those effects? Did you changes the color of the chair to the bright baby blue? How did you make the pink head band pop out too? Your background looks like you used your urban actions.
    I would love to learn how you editted your picture above.
    Thank you so much!!!

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