Some Scrapbook Shares

Just popping in to share some fun and exciting scrapbooking things I have come across lately!

I just got mine last night and I really have to say that I am in awe at this kit!! This kit is AMAZING! So full of cute cute stuff!! And I really can’t believe how many cards are in here! I don’t think I even know enough people to give them all out!! There are also a ton of little elements that would be so cool to use on scrapbook pages too! You can bet that some things from this kit will show up in my December Daily Album!! I know this kit will sell out fast so if you want one you better act fast!! Click here if you want to get it!

I met Lain at a CK Convention here in Arizona last year and then we had the chance to hang out for a bit again at the last one in Phoenix and I have to say that she just makes me smile! Her personality just oozes happiness and she is the type of person that just makes you feel good! I can’t wait to read this book! 

This new line is releasing in December and I am lucky enough to already have some of it in my hands!! I just created a layout with it last week (that unfortunately I can’t share yet but maybe I will make something else with it soon so you can see it in action!) I guess it would be appropriate to say that I LOVE this collection!! It is awesome! Some new things from MM in this line that I am excited about – the Metal Charms, the Looking Glass and the Tickets!! Very fun!!

Also check out the new Flower Patch line while you are there that will also release in December! This is super cute too!! You can’t really tell from the images but the Butterfly Charms are actually made of metal that is cut into butterfly shapes and they are so cool! Can’t wait to play around with those!!

4. Month by Month Scrapbooking by Amanda Probst

Another new book from Creating Keepsakes that I can’t wait to see in person! I really love Amanda’s style and approach to scrapbooking and I have heard that this book is full of great ideas and inspiration!! 

Well, now you have lots to drool over! 🙂 Good thing Christmas is coming up right??

Oh, I have also had quite a few emails asking about the size of my December Daily Album and I’m not sure if I got back to everyone so I will just post it here. The front and back covers are 8×8. The inside pages are a mixture of 8×8, 4×8, 4×6, 6×6 and also just whatever random sizes of envelopes and papers I had that I wanted to include. 

I did make notes as to the sizes of photos I need to print on certain days where I want the photo to cover the entire back of a certain page. So for example on day 2 I need to print an 8×6 photo to cover the back of my page for day 1 and then on day 19 I need a 4×6 photo to cover the back of  the page for day 18. I guess I explain this so you can see that this doesn’t have to be as sporadic as it sounds. For many of you sporadic works but I know there are others that have emailed me and said that they would be stressed about it all actually coming together and flowing. I am definitely the planning type also and as I created it I wanted to make sure that it will indeed come together and end up making sense as I envision it. So…. seems sporadic and random (and it definitely can be) but my approach is qui
te planned and I have all my little notes to refer to as I go! 🙂

I will share the album again after it is done and I will even try to share it as I go so you can see it coming together!

And, one last thing for my sweet friend Kelly Purkey. This won’t make sense to most of you, but this girl is awesome so I want to support her and give her the shout out she deserves! Go Kelly!!

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  • laura vegas
    November 22, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    lots of fun shares! and i’m super jealous if you have some flower patch products already. i was trying to get some for a few projects i have coming up and had no luck. lol! but i have some of the love notes … and it’s just gorgeous! and thanks for sharing the size of your december daily album … i was trying to guess by the products and thought it was 9×9. can’t wait to see how it all comes together with the pics!

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