Emily Jane Holmes
Wednesday morning at 7:46am
weighing 7lb 8.5oz
measuring 20 inches long
with lots of light brown hair
adorable chubby cheeks
and the cutest little mouth and chin!



Everything went really well! We went to the hospital Wednesday morning at 5:30am to get checked in and prepped for my c-section. At 7:30am they took us into the operating room and she was born at 7:46! There were no complications – everything went perfectly and she was crying the second they pulled her out! The sound of those first cries are always so touching – a reminder of the miracle that this all is and how blessed we are to be able to have these precious and beautiful little babies! I started crying as soon as I saw her – couldn’t believe that the little girl I have always dreamed of was finally here!
She is perfect in every way – so beautiful and tiny and sweet! I stayed in the hospital until Saturday and I absolutely love those first few days in the hospital! I love that I had the chance to just sit and hold her all day long! She loves to be bundled up and snuggled up with her face right by ours! I could just lay there for hours – holding her, staring at her, smelling her, and taking her all in. We had a good amount of visitors at the hospital – family, friends, Brian and the boys coming and going – but for the most part it was just me and her sitting there in the quiet – bonding and being close! I cherish those days!!
Brian’s parents were here from Utah when we had her. They came up a few days before and stayed with us until I came home. They were so wonderful – entertaining the boys and keeping them busy and helping with the laundry and house. Brian’s mom and sister cleaned our entire house – top-to-bottom – the day before we came home from the hospital and Brian’s mom did all the laundry and ironing before I got home! I am so grateful!! Thank You!!!!
My mom and sister came down the day after we came home from the hospital and are staying with us this whole week. They have been wonderful as well – playing with the boys, helping with Emily Jane and also helping with the house. We are also so thankful to have wonderful friends around us that are bringing us dinner this entire week!
The boys are all head-over-heels in love with her! They all call her Emmy Jane. Nathan is the one that started calling her that because he can’t say Emily. He says emmyjane as if it is all one word in the cutest little baby voice. He is always saying “hi emmy jane” to her and wanting to see her piggie toes and give her hugs! They all want to hold her all the time and give her kisses and touch her tiny little nose, cheeks and forehead. Matthew says all the time “I love Emily Jane” and “Emily Jane is so, so, so, so, so cute!” Tyler is always checking on her and puts his face down by hers and pats her so gently and softly! It is so precious! It has been so fun to watch them melt over her – especially because they were upset when we found out we were having a girl! They were sure that they only wanted me to have boy babies! 🙂 But, now that she is here, they are so sweet and tender with her and they are such great helpers! They are always so concerned about her and what she is doing! It is safe to say that she is the princess of the family and that all three boys are going to take great care of her over the years!!

Thanks to everyone that has been checking on me! I really appreciate it! Now that I am home and settled and on the road to recovery, I will be taking lots of pictures of her and posting often!! Thanks again to everyone for your kind emails!!