So, I admit, I haven’t done any scrapbooking for myself lately. We have been so busy around here that I have only had time to work on assignments. Don’t get me wrong, I love assignments – love the challenge – love creating with fresh new products.
But I also love to scrapbook just for me. I love to be able to pull out some photos and play around – with no rules – no guidelines and no expectations.
I was talking to a friend recently about how we put all of these crazy expectations on ourselves – expectations for every single layout to be amazing and perfect. And I think that because of these unrealistic expectations we don’t scrapbook for fear that we might not create the perfect layout each and every time.
Well, I have decided to toss all of those expectations to the wind. I have come to the realization that I will never grow or develop as a scrapbooker, a photographer, or whatever unless I am always experimenting, always doing it and working on it. There will be unperfect layouts, unperfect photos but that is the only way that I will get any better at it. That is the only way I will figure out what I like and what I don’t like – what works and what doesn’t.
In the end, the important thing is that I am recording a memory – recording my thoughts and my feelings – documenting our lives and who we are.
I am recommited to scrapbooking more – just for me – just for my family.
And last night I did just that. I grabbed these photos of Nathan on his 1st birthday that I already had printed and I just started playing around. The funny thing is that it came together so quickly. After all, your own true style should just come naturally. It shouldn’t be a stressful process. If what you are doing is truly “you”, then it should just happen – it should be fun – it should be enjoyable.
So, my challenge to you is to throw out your expectations. Just grab some photos and some products and create a layout. Do what you love, regardless of what is hot or trendy right now. Do what is “you”. Create a layout that feels right to you – no rules, no expectations. And last, please share it with me! Comment here with a link to your layout so that we can all see!