In my answers to the tag game I wrote that I was wearing my new brown hair color and a lot of people have been wanting to see it. I have to admit that I didn’t like it at first – it was hard to get used to. But, I am now used to it and it is here to stay so I am (finally) posting a picture to reveal the new do:

It is darker in real life than it looks in this picture. The light makes it look a little lighter than it really is. I told Robyn that I had dyed my hair dark brown and I guess she was picturing something really dark – closer to her color – and when she saw it she said that it is not even brown – just a sandy blonde??? I guess it all comes down to perspective right? To me, it is really dark because I have been sooo blonde for so long.
Anyway, I have to thank the amazing and super fun Loni for taking this picture. We hung out last week and she always brings her camera and wants to practice on me and my kids… but hey I am not complaining because I end up getting some awesome shots out of it!! She has a way of getting my silly side out in the open and capturing it. (Just check out her blog for some of the not-so-cute silly shots she has taken of me!!) She is sending me more of the photos on disc so I will post when I get them – can’t wait to see the ones of my boys!! Thanks Lon – I love ya!!!