Pink Birthday Party Decor!

It's that time of year again for us…. birthday season! All of our birthdays (except for Brian) fall in May & July, which makes it a fun and celebratory time of year for sure! I love to decorate our front entry table for birthdays! And since I added the large gold framed chalkboard to the mix a while back, I love it even more! I will typically decorate the chalkboard for the first birthday and then leave it that way until the July birthdays are over. Then all I have to do is change up the decor a little bit for each one.

I love to decorate the birthday area with things I already have on hand because that way it is basically free! In fact, I haven't spent much money on party decorations for a long time. I simply browse around my house and gather things that will work with my color scheme and then arrange it on the table.

I made the tissue paper garland last year for the girls' birthdays and then saved it, so that was simple and quick to pull out and use again. The florals, books, vintage cameras, etc are all a part of my normal display on this table so I didn't even change much out.

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-6

 These flowers are obviously not real… I wish they were but they are surprisingly real looking for fake and I love the pretty pop of color that they add to our home, so I keep them out almost year round. If only I could really have a huge bouquet of real gorgeous pink peonies every day of the year! That would be a dream!

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-8

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-7

I bought these horse figurines last year for the girls' birthday display and have loved them so much that I keep them out most of the year. I spray painted the cheaper one from the hobby store with my favorite gold spray paint. 

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-10

As you can see, most of the decor is not necessarily "party themed" but that's how I like to create my display. It makes it more unique and eclectic to use a mix of things you love and already have with a few more specific party things added in. I simply added in the painted jar with the party sticks inside and the pink cake plate with Lizzy's birthday cake.

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-5

The party sticks are super easy to create. I got the paper sticks from the candy-making & cake-decorating aisle at the craft store and sprayed them gold. Then I added the little flag banners with washi tape and stapled them in place. These are another item that you can save and use from year to year if you want to. You can also swap a few of them out to change the color scheme for a different party!

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-11

This year I went with a pink ombre birthday cake because Lizzy's one request was a "big big pink cake"! First I mixed up a bowl of the darkest pink frosting and then I added some of that to a bowl of white frosting to get the medium pink color. Then I added a little bit of that to another bowl of white frosting to get the lightest color. If you do it this way, you will ensure that all the pinks are of the same tone and a gradation of the same color.

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-3

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-2

Here's a closer look at the birthday chalk art. I like to sketch my design out first with these chalk pencils and then I go over it with regular chalk. The pencils are also great for adding in some of the finer details where you want a thinner line. The only difference with the pencils is that you have to use a wet paper towel to erase because it is a little harder to get off.

Elizabeth Birthday Party June 2014-9

For the boys' birthdays I obviously have to change out a lot more from my normal display on the entry table because the pink florals and feminine things don't work, but again I simply "shop" what I have around the house. You can see what I did for our boy birthday table display last year here

I also used the finished birthday table display as a backdrop to take some pictures of the birthday girl and will share those in another post! I hope you found some inspiration for your next pink birthday party!

Happy decorating!


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