Photography Workshops >> Open for Registration

Many of you have been emailing and asking when I would be teaching my online photography workshops again and I have kept quiet about it for a while because I had something a little different in the works that I think you all will LOVE!!

Both of my photography workshops are NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION…. however, you will find that the format and pricing are slightly different. In an effort to simplify a little bit and make more time for family and my other projects (like my product line) I decided to convert the classes into SELF-PACED workshops.

What does this mean for you as a student?

>> You still receive ALL of the same class materials which are jam packed with information, examples, tips and tricks etc. For a detailed description of each class, visit my website here.

>> There will not be a private message board like before, BUT, you will still have assignments throughout the class with lots of tips and information about what to look for when reviewing your images after doing the assignments. I definitely still strongly recommend doing the assignments and I also encourage you to have a friend or family member help you review your images and give constructive criticism.

>> There has been a HUGE price decrease due to the fact that the message board aspect no longer exists. This is a BIG PLUS for all of you because the classes have each been reduced by $150.00!!!

>> If you purchase the PHOTOGRAPHY BUNDLE, which is both classes, you receive an additional $50.00 off, taking your total savings from the previous class prices to $350.00!! 

4x6 workshops

I am super excited about this because the new format and huge price decrease makes the classes so affordable! I love that I still get to offer SO much information at such a lower price! I am excited to have students again and to be teaching again, even though I won't have the personal individual interaction with you. It is still so fulfilling to be able to offer the classes to all of you that have been asking, just in a slightly different way!!

OH, and I forgot to mention that I have updated the lessons with LOTS of new images and examples!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about the classes or the new format!! Happy learning!!

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