Personalizing A Child’s Room with Favorite Toys & Initials

Hello! I have more details and close up shots on the styling of my girls’ room to share with you today! They are LOVING their new room so much that they are making their bed every day now without me even asking!! I’d say that in itself is a victory right there!!

Once the big items were chosen and the color scheme was in place, I had a lot of fun picking out the little things that would help bring it all together and personalize the space for them. I have always decorated my kids’ rooms with a more sophisticated design style so that their rooms will grow with them and not feel too young too quickly. But at the same time it is good to bring in some things that make it more youthful and that showcase their personalities.

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-14

For some reason the girls have both always loved horses and while they don’t have much experience riding them or anything like that, they love to collect and play with little figurines. Normally they are scattered around our house from Elizabeth moving them to different rooms to play with so I wanted to find a way to display them and keep them all in one place. I went on a hunt at my local antique market for the perfect thing. Originally I had in mind a printer’s drawer but quickly realized that the little spaces in those would be too small for most of their horses. So then I opened up my mind a bit and started looking for any type of shelf that wasn’t too deep and that had multiple ledges. I found a few different things that would work but ultimately settled on this one.

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-20

It has little grooves (I believe for displaying plates) and is not very deep but it works great because the horses don’t need deep shelves to rest on. If you have trinkets to display that have a wider or bigger base to them, I would suggest looking for something that has more depth to it. I gave it a quick wipe down and a coat of paint – Polar Bear by Behr – and it was good to go! I also spray painted a few of the horses to add a little pop of color to this area of the room. I hung it at a lower height so that Lizzy can easily get the horses off of the shelves herself and also put them back! It is working like a charm! She has also discovered that her tiny Strawberry Shortcake figurines fit on here too! So cute!! Plus it’s the perfect way to keep those tiny little toys from getting lost!

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-33

Because I chose to hang the shelf lower I had room to include some things above it. I started with this print from Yellow Bungalow Shop and put it in a basic white frame from Ikea. Then I added a handmade art piece in the embroidery hoop from my friend Christy, which not only has sentimental value but works perfectly with the color scheme. Finally I added a custom piece that I made using scrapbook paper and an Ikea frame that I painted gold. Framing scrapbook paper, wallpaper or gift wrap that you love is a fabulous and inexpensive way to create custom art in a jiffy!

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-35

The E’s are all pieces that I previously had and have been gathering and adding to their rooms for many years. (Lucky for me their names both start with E so I just combined what I had from each of their previous rooms. If you have children with different initials, it would still be super cute to combine the different letters and collage them together in the same way.) I love to decorate with personalized items like these initials and it’s also fun to have a collection like this that you can add to as time goes on. It brings in some of that vintage vibe that I love and makes it so the space doesn’t feel all brand new. Some of the E’s were different colors before so I simply gave a few of them a fresh coat of paint. I was going for a neutral look here because I already had some pops of color on the chair so I went with white, black, gold, silver and grey. While I am a HUGE fan of gold and use it all around my home, I suggest mixing your metals rather than switching every single silver thing in your home to gold. It gives you a more curated and eclectic look and also adds depth.

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-10

When hanging a collage like this I start with the largest piece first and hang that near the center. Then I start adding the others around it making sure to keep my spacing and colors balanced. Another trick I have used before is to lay it out on the floor before you start hanging. This way you can move things around and fuss with it until you have the look you want and also avoid making extra holes in your walls!

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-12

As I mentioned in the first post about the girls’ room, the chair was sponsored by Land of Nod and I won the pillow (from Caitlin Wilson Designs) and the doll from (Baby Swag Co.) from the Mom’s Best Network & Destination Nursery giveaway. I love that the pillow has a youthful look to it and the doll also says that this is a kid’s room. To finish the area off, a bright yellow blanket from Ikea was the perfect punch of color that was needed in this corner of the room. I also love how it makes the white pillow and pink doll pop!

Maggie Holmes Girls Room-11

Someone asked in the last post about paint colors… The paint color on the walls is Swiss Coffee. It’s a great neutral white that isn’t too stark. Most brands have it as a color option because it’s an industry standard that is used a lot. The paint on the shelf and on the white E’s is Polar Bear from Behr.

I will share more details from the other side of the room in another post! Thanks for stopping by and as always, let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Monday!


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