Our Naughty Newt

This is Matthew – he is naughty – hence the nickname "Naughty Newt."
He is into anything and everything… My full-time job is to find out what he is into and then do damage control to take care of the mess.

This particular day I called to him from the next room,
    "Matthew, what are you doing?"
He replied,
    "Making a mess, mom, right there."
I got to the kitchen and found him eating relish with a butter knife. Sure enough – there was a mess – relish all over him and my kitchen.

Other naughty things he has done recently:   
Opened the "child proof" bottle of children’s motrin and dumped it out on the kitchen counter.
Got into my vitamins, chewed one up and then spit it out because it was yucky.
Emptied the contents of my wallet numerous times.
Put sunblock all over his face and told me "sunglock on me, mom."
Got into the baby powder during his "nap" and dumped it all over his room.
Opened Nathan’s "child proof" bottle of reflux medicine and tried to give him some.
Tried to pour himself some more cereal and milk – spilled it everywhere.

Tyler is frequently running to find me saying "Mom, Matthew is into something."
He is so naughty and yet so cute. I can’t help but grab my camera half the time! I have to re-child proof my house this week because he is now figuring out how to get into things that used to be out of reach.

We love him – our little "Naughty Newt."

(The term "naughty newt" comes from Tyler’s speech therapy sessions — nn, nn, nn, naughty newt. What is a newt anyway???…)

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  • Robyn
    August 23, 2005 at 9:29 am

    Those pictures are way to funny Maggie – what a mess – but a cute mess! LOL!

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