Ontario, California

I went to California last weekend to teach at a Scrapbook Expo in Ontario for Making Memories with my friend Robyn Werlich. We had a blast! The expo was fun and we got to chat with a lot of fabulous people in our classes, including a friend from my neighborhood who was there (small world)! We found some great shopping and restaurants just down the street from our hotel. Neither of us really "needed" anything but we both found many "must-have" items! LOL! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of all of the colorful ribbons and buttons I purchased! They are sitting on top of an awesome silver notebook from Pottery Barn.
Robyn and I talked and talked and talked. In fact we almost didn’t get on our plane when we were heading out on Thursday night. We were just talking away and we didn’t hear the final boarding call for our flight. Then we heard our names called over the intercom! Too funny!!! We didn’t stop talking the whole time we were there! We just have so much in common! The interesting thing is that we knew each other in high school but we weren’t really friends. Then we reconnected years later through scrapbooking and we have just grown so close. We love the same things and our personalities just fit! The whole trip I would say things and Robyn would say "I was just thinking that" or "I was just going to say that." It is great to have a friend that you connect with – that you can just be yourself around. I feel like we have been best friends for years. She is such a sweetheart and so much fun to be with! She recently moved to St. George – just as we were becoming close! I wish we could get together more often! I am grateful for email, blogs, phone calls and scrapbooking trips!! I just can’t wait for the next one….

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  • Robyn Werlich
    July 27, 2005 at 3:27 pm

    I LOVE you girl!! Your too sweet! I truly feel like we are long lost twins! I wish we could get together every week – I miss that! Love all your goodies too – I’ve already busted into my button stash! Hugs girl!! Talk to you soon!

  • Carrie Owens
    July 29, 2005 at 11:22 pm

    you two are too cute 🙂 love that you are so close even when you’re so far away

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