Are you sick of all of this yet? 🙂 I promise it will all be over soon and the actions will be available to purchase! Thanks for being patient!!

For now I have one more tester/winner. Still waiting to hear back from some of the new people so if I don't hear back from them soon, I will pick some more new ones again. So, there still may be a chance that you get picked… if you have entered, keep checking back to see if you got it! Until I officially announce that I am done testing, I still might pick you… I will keep picking until I hear back for each set.

Version 7.0

Color Set

Kathleen Kraft said…

okay so if no one else wants to try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me…I have been checking daily and so sad when they were not up and then the ONE DAY I do not check you post a chance to try it….and actually i want these so bad for the fathers day presents and my niece's graduation…(can you see me on my knees and begging….) oaky..I'd be happy to help! (PSE7)

Email me Kathleen and I will send them over to you!