not a whole lot going on around here except that i am buried in scrapbooking projects. they are all for assignments so unfortunately i can’t share anything but i can say that i am excited to get all of it back so i can display it in my house!! i have really poured my heart into my projects for the next making memories book and i have a spot in my house waiting for each thing!! and… mm is coming out with some more amazing products that i can’t wait for you all to see!! it’s just so great – i have it hanging on my magnet board in here so i can just look at it!!
since i can’t share any of my projects i thought i would share a photo. i took this one of tyler at the pumpkin patch. i have a lot of great ones from that day but just haven’t had time to edit and resize them. i just do a few here and there when i have the time, so, you might be seeing pumpkin patch photos well into december! 🙂
i love this one though – love his smile and how happy he looks! i think i am going to print this one to put up in the play room!