If you took my class on photography at Creative Escape earlier this year, then you will know exactly what the title of this post means and how it relates to the photos….. more on that in a minute.

I took Emily out one HOT afternoon in September for a quick little photo shoot before the boys got out of school. We are talking around 1pm and it was boiling hot! We were only out there for 15 minutes because it was literally THAT hot! I was clicking fast I tell ya and the funny thing is that somehow I got 60 photos that I LOVE in that short amount of time! I just finally had a chance to go through them and I don't know what I am going to do with all 60 photos because I want to print every single one! I think I will have to try to narrow it down to a few big prints for the house and then I think I will make a custom little photo book with all of them. Then of course I will be printing all of them to scrapbook! I am sure you will see lots of these in the months to come on my pages for Creating Keepsakes, Studio Calico and American Crafts! 

Emily Sept 2010-52

Emily Sept 2010-53

Emily Sept 2010-54

Anyway, I can't share all 60 of them in one blog post (that might be a little over indulgent anyway haha!) so I will share handfuls of them over the next few weeks. Lots of the photos are ones that take my breath away and speak to me in a way that I can't even describe to someone else. They are those photos that melt my heart and make it start pounding and make me a big ole giant mess of motherly emotions in one single instant. They are those photos that speak to me and convey "more than words can say"…..

Emily Sept 2010-57

They are the photos that made me fall in love with photography in the first place. They are the photos that make me want to keep snapping away every second of every day. They are the ones that make me want to keep improving my skills so that I can continue to capture and create magic through the lens. They are the ones that make me want to share what I know and how I do it and make me thankful that I get to teach my online photography classes so I can do just that. Today I am grateful for photography and grateful for photos and grateful that I can capture these little moments so I can tuck them away to treasure forever!

Emily Sept 2010-59

Emily Sept 2010-60

Emily Sept 2010-58

Emily Sept 2010-56

Emily Sept 2010-55

Oh how I love her……. today I am grateful…..