Merry & Happy!

Hello!! Life got the best of me this last month and I didn’t get around to posting here on the blog as much as I would have liked. Here’s a little “life lately” recap of our December…

2015-12-24 17.36.35

We celebrated two birthdays – Brian’s birthday and also Henry’s 1st!! Lots of photos to share from that! I still can’t believe he is ONE!!

I flew up to Utah for the fastest and most productive trip EVER, where we filmed and shot a bunch of promo videos and photos for my newest product line for Crate Paper that releases this month! Was super thankful for the warm up they had right before I went and for the fact that I was flying back out as a storm was coming in! I am not built for freezing cold temps!

2015-12-10 18.24.32

The girls had their singing and dance recitals – all on the same day! It’s pure delight for me watching Lizzy up there singing her little heart out on stage and doing the actions with all her energy! She also did an amazing job at her dance recital. She was not as shy as she was last year and she smiled the whole time! She did each move with precision and says she is ready to move on to Company like Emily!

The saddest part of our month was that Emily fell and sprained her ankle the NIGHT BEFORE her dance recital! It was immediately bruised and very swollen and she couldn’t put any weight on it at all. We went to the urgent care and left with crutches and a very sad little girl. She was devastated that she couldn’t dance in her recital, especially because it was her first show after making the Mini Company team. She has been working so hard on all of her dances and just kept saying she wished she could start the day over and not sprain her ankle. We went backstage before the recital to wish all of her friends good luck. They were the sweetest ever… all gave her little cards and treats and a million hugs! They all had their red lipstick on for the show and so they gave her red kisses all over her face! She did have fun watching the dances from the audience and showing me where she would have been on stage for each one. I know she would have done a wonderful job and was proud of her for working through this little trial. Even though she was sad and did cry a lot of tears, she still managed to smile through it all. We are thankful it wasn’t worse and that she has already healed and is back to dancing this week!

2015-12-12 16.05.18

We worked on the new house, otherwise lovingly termed “going to the lot,” more in December than we have any other month so far! We are at the stage of installing finishes so it’s exciting to see all of our previous decisions coming together… while it’s also a ton of work making sure it does indeed all come together! We changed some things, realized it’s too late to change some things, checked on things, and also got super excited about lots of things! It’s a big job that definitely took most of my time last month. Luckily I have some super nice and patient helpers!

2015-12-17 18.11.10

Christmas! Yes indeed we love Christmas more than any other holiday! It’s such a fun month… decorating, baking, spending time with friends and family, anticipating, preparing, giving, serving and most of all celebrating the birth of our Savior. It was beyond wonderful to have a few days of relaxing and not worrying about anything other than enjoying having my husband and kiddos home with me. I’m feeling like we need at least one more week of break though because I’m not ready for it to be over!

2015-12-24 17.32.35

New Year! Wow, it’s a bit crazy that it is 2016!! Brian and I were telling the kids last night about the excitement and chaos surrounding the New Year when we went from 1999 to year 2000! 16 years ago! Where does the time truly go?! My only resolution or goal for this year is to be ever more PRESENT and soak up each moment like never before. I know the next 16 years will also be gone in a flash and I don’t want to miss any of it!

This age of technology makes my resolution a little more challenging than it might have been back then, but that’s why it’s even more important to me. I want my kids to learn from my example that life, fullfillment and happiness are found when we are looking UP and being PRESENT with each other and not when we are looking DOWN at a device.

I hope you all had a very MERRY Christmas and I also want to wish you a HAPPY New Year as we each embark on the new adventures that lie ahead!

Thank you for being a little part of my life and as always, thank you for the love and support you show our family!



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