I just wanted to share my new favorite photo of Matthew.

As you probably know, Matthew is our most energetic, most animated, on-the-go kid and he is usually pulling the huge “cheese” grin from ear to ear when I try to take his photo. So, I just love it when I actually get a shot like this of him – relaxing for just a second, taking a breather and killing me with those amazing eyes of his.

This one has already been printed and is going in a frame tomorrow! I love this little guy!!

Oh, and if you can tell that he has no hair, (I cropped most of it out) it is because he took the liberty of getting the clippers out and buzzing his own hair the other night when we thought he was asleep in his bed!! I do have photos of that to share but just haven’t resized them yet. Check back for more on that one! lol!!

And, I also wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you for your sweet comments about my house and the mirrors! It is so fun to share things like that with all of you and you all really make my day when I get your comments!!!!!!! Thanks!!