March 20, 2007

Hi there! We have been so busy around here! My mom and sister came into town this last week so we had a lot of fun with them – shopping, eating out, going to the park, etc. My sister is getting married in June so we also got some of the preparations done for that – bought some decorations, ordered her invitations and I took her bridal photos. They turned out really beautiful. She looks gorgeous in her wedding gown! What a fun time for her!! I am so happy for her!

This is the photo that she chose to have displayed at her wedding.


Update on Tyler and his vision:

It has still been a huge struggle to get him to wear the patch. It seems like he has especially hated it the last couple of weeks – screaming, yelling, crying. He immediately gets really upset and angry as soon as I even mention the fact that we need to put a patch on. It has been emotional and hard but we have been trying to do it as much as possible. We have really been trying to motivate him with rewards and fun things to do if he wears the patch.

We feel like there has been some improvement in that eye. He really has to work hard at it and he has to get up really really close in order to see any details, but he is seeing something with it, so that is good. He had an eye doctor appointment yesterday. This was the first time we had been back after the doctor told us to start patching the eye. He does a test where Tyler has to sit in the chair and try to see some black and white shapes from across the room. He can see them perfectly with his left eye but he still can’t see any of them with his right eye. His eye can’t even focus on the shapes and it seems like he isn’t even looking at them. It just kind of wanders around and can’t get fixed on where he should be looking. The doctor wasn’t surprised and said that this is still normal because he probably has never used that eye. We mentioned that Tyler can see things if he gets really close to them and the doctor said that it is normal for the eye to improve at closer distances first and then as time goes on he should be able to see things from further away.

So, the doctor was discouraged at all. He said that he wasn’t expecting much improvement yet because it just takes time. He said that he is hoping for some big improvements in the next few months. And hopefully Tyler will also get better at wearing the patch as his vision in that eye improves and it isn’t so hard for him to see. We have been averaging about 3 hours a day with the patch and now we need to push it further and try to have the patch on pretty much all day except when Tyler is at school. It is so hard because I feel so bad making him do it and it is such a struggle and I hate fighting with him over it. But, if I don’t do it, I feel like I am not being a good mom because I know we have to do it in order for that eye to improve.

We are still praying for him and at this point mainly praying for him to have less frustration with it so he will be more willing to wear it. I also have to really work on being patient and understanding with him even though he is always yelling and fighting with me over it. I have to keep reminding myself that it is the patch he hates and that he doesn’t really mean to be fighting with me. It’s hard, but I know that it will all pass and that things will work out.

He has the flu today – poor little guy! I feel so bad when my kids get the flu. I wish I could just make it go away! So, we are just home – taking it easy. My mom and sister left this morning and we are all tired anyway from being on the go so much this last week. The boys are still on Spring Break all this week so it will be a great opportunity to just relax and have some fun hanging out together.


That’s it for now. I have some photos from a recent newborn shoot to share. I will do that in the next couple of days. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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  • laura vegas
    March 21, 2007 at 10:50 am

    that photo is absolutly gorgeous maggie! i wish i had something like that when i got married … mine are all stuffy and boring. lol!
    i was checking your blog the other day and wondered how tyler was doing. that’s too bad that it’s such a struggle with the patch and all … but hopefully with time he’ll come to accept it better. i know it’s hard to be patient with kids sometimes (my younger one really tests my patience) … so i’ll be praying for you. you’re a good mom maggie … and i know you’re doing all you can for your precious boy.

  • Michele
    March 22, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    Hang it there! I just wanted to say that I had to wear an eye patch when I was Tyler’s age. I also hated it and fought with my parents about wearing it every single day! I think it was just so hard for me to understand why they wanted me to wear the patch and then it was hard to see well to play. Just keep being patient and working with him. I know it’s hard for you as well. Good luck! 🙂

  • Caroline Ikeji
    March 22, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    that is a gorgeous picture.
    and **hugs** about tyler’s eye…hope his eye shows more improvement soon!

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