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It’s hard to believe that our sweet little baby Henry is already 8 months old!! Man, the photos and memories are piling up! I’ve been “taking it easy” more than normal because I want to soak up every little bit of this sweetness that I can! I do sometimes feel that sense of anxiety that I need to get back to creating more often so that I can at least attempt to sort of keep up… but at the same time I know that as long as I am snapping photos and recording some of the thoughts now, I can always make the pages later. It did feel good to pull out some supplies and create a page just for fun with no expectations or deadlines in mind…. however, right now I just want more and more of this….

Love This Scrapbook Page using Maggie Holmes Confetti-1

Clustering a whole bunch of embellishments together is a go-to technique for me when it comes to scrapbooking. By combining all of the fun little things together (instead of scattering them around the page), you end up creating a larger impact that works really well visually. Here I used a mix of die cut leaves, labels, tiny phrase stickers, a standout, a sticker, some washi tape… I basically keep lots of little things like this in different open containers to the side of my working space. Then I just start layering and adding anything that I see that would work well for the page!

Love This Scrapbook Page using Maggie Holmes Confetti-2Love This Scrapbook Page using Maggie Holmes Confetti-3

I still can’t get enough of these large transparent alphabet pieces from the Confetti collection! There are so many ways to use them! On this page I went big and bold with my title and basically filled up 2/3rds of the layout with it. They are a good thickness – nice and sturdy – but they also go through a sewing machine quite well too! I love to stitch them onto my pages so that they stay in place forever.

Love This Scrapbook Page using Maggie Holmes Confetti-4

One of the reasons I love instagram is that it serves as sort of a holding zone for my thoughts and memories that I know I will want to record later on. This page is a perfect example…. I pulled out the photo and started creating my page and in my mind I had a small and short little caption that I thought would sum up my feelings from this moment. I went with the large title, taking up most of the page because I intended to just have a short little bit of journaling that I would put next to the photo.

Then I went to instagram to grab the date of the photo and I saw that I had written a whole paragraph about my thoughts and feelings in relation to this photo and that day. Those words from my heart would not have been captured and recorded here in his scrapbook had I not written them down that day on my instagram post. And I am SO grateful to have a more clear piece of my heart and the memory for this page instead of the other short little caption I came up with when I started the layout.

Because I hadn’t planned for this much journaling, I had to get a little creative with the placement. I decided to type it all out and then cut it into little strips to be adhered across the page. I like how it kind of runs through the title now and I also love the texture of all the little strips not being perfectly glued down.

Love This Scrapbook Page using Maggie Holmes Confetti-5

Here’s to jotting the words and memories down as we go so that we don’t have to worry about getting behind! This way I can feel less guilty about spending more time snuggling and soaking up the present, knowing that the words and photos are there to be scrapbooked later on!

Happy Wednesday Friends!


Supplies Used >> Maggie Holmes Confetti Collection / Transparent Acetate Gold and Aqua Alphabet / Confetti Standouts / Confetti Tiny Phrases / Confetti Stickers (Similar Here) / Confetti Ephemera / Open Book Floral Ephemera / Gold Stars Vellum / Confetti Paper / Epoxy Gold Foil Alphabet Letter Stickers Thickers / Label Stickers / Washi Tape from Scarlet Lime Planner Kit

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  • Kristin
    August 27, 2015 at 6:30 am

    What a beautiful layout. This captures exactly what scrapbooking is all about, how you felt as that photo was being snapped and preserving it because time goes fast and memory is fleeting.

  • lynda
    August 28, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    that is absolutely awesome. please, please, please Maggie do a Christmas collection. reds and greens and cream and blues and gold and silver with icons that can be used all year around. please, please, please

  • lynda
    August 28, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    that is absolutely awesome like everything else you do. please, please, please Maggie do a Christmas collection. reds and greens and cream and blues and gold and silver with icons that can be used all year around. please, please, please

  • debi
    August 30, 2015 at 12:00 am

    I LOVE this page! And your journaling is wonderful. You have such a sweet, beautiful style.

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