Hi everyone! Life is in full crazy busy mode right now and it seems like it won't slow down now until the new year! Ha!! Feels funny saying that but it is so true! Doesn't this time of year start to feel like a whirlwind? I know that for me it does….. fall break, fall photo sessions, halloween, thanksgiving and then christmas…. they all tend to come at me so quickly! I often wish there was a little more breathing room in between the holidays this time of year so that I could really savor and enjoy it all! 

I'm definitely one that likes to stay focused on what is truly important in my life and so I try to not lose sight of that, especially during this time of year. Life is definitely a big juggling act — trying to make time for the fun and crazy times but at the same time balance it with the quiet and still moments because those are super important too. It's funny this notion of balancing all of this because there are many moments when I am grateful and content to be in the middle of the chaos, hearing my kids laugh and play (and also fight of course although I'm not really grateful for the fighting) and then there are also many moments when we are being quiet and peaceful and I am oh so grateful for those times too because they really really make me happy and I feel like we can grow together and learn from each other in a deeper way.

Anyway, not sure where all of this reflectiveness is coming from but in an effort to get back to adding more of my personal life records here on the blog I just went with whatever came to mind…..I thought I was getting on here to post one thing and it turned out to be something completely different. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well and if you have any great advice or ideas on ways to stay on top of things during these next few months….. or ideas for fun things to do with the family or just thoughts on being more organized as the mom. I love that through blogging we can learn from each other and inspire each other to be better so share away!!


On the note of photography sessions, I am booking my fall sessions now and I don't have a lot of spots left. It seems to fill up in the blink of an eye and I also won't be doing any sessions in December. If you have already emailed me and I haven't replied, then I do have you on the list and will be getting back to you soon!! 

Also, remember I will be doing sessions in Utah next week and weekend! I may still have a spot or two left so if you are interested in those, email me quick!


Here's a couple photographs of baby Elizabeth Kate to brighten your day! I know that she brightens our days soooooo much!!! We are enjoying every second of her!!

Elizabeth June 2011-8415

I can't believe how much she has already changed from these pictures!!! She is so chubby now!! I love it!