The last few weeks I have been editing lots and lots of our personal photos. I took a TON of pictures of my kiddos up in Utah last year (in the summer and the fall) and sadly to say I am just now editing and printing them! Did I really admit that? Yes, I guess I did. You would think that I wouldn't get so behind but typically I am busy working on photos for my clients so I end up letting mine go on the back burner. 

After the mad rush of CHA, I found myself with some down time and also some sick kiddos which kept us here at home for almost 2 weeks! (Yes I did get out during that time but the majority of our time was spent at home resting and snuggling and working on getting better.) While the sick ones slept I would sneak in here and work on editing my back log of photos. 

I have to say that my favorite part of photography is the actual photo shoot – being out with my clients or my kids…. interacting, snapping away and capturing those moments. I don't often love the editing side of things because it tends to be the most tedious and can take lots and lots of time. However the last couple of weeks I found myself really looking forward to and enjoying these spurts of time spent on the computer working with all of these images. Maybe it is because they were from a few months back and so they brought back memories…. maybe it is because I am biased and I always think that every picture of my kids is the cutest thing in the whole wide world…… or maybe it was the excitement of having lots of new photos printed and ready to be scrapped! I don't know…. but I have really loved it!

Anyway, I still have LOTS and LOTS more photos in my back log and I will probably never ever be caught up since I am always taking more and more….. but I am happy to say that I went through a few thousand photos, did a lot of narrowing down, edited the keepers and now have hundreds of photos printed out right here next to me!! Talk about rewarding!! I LOVE it! Pictures make me happy and PRINTED pictures make me even happier!! This is a shout out to all of you that have had photo shoots done or have taken pictures of your own family but don't ever print them…. schedule out some time each month to start printing them! It is sooooo worth it! I am making a new promise to myself to keep at this project and keep working away at my back log of photos! Even if it is just one day a month or a few hours each week, I am going to make this a part of my normal routine! 

Here are a few from Utah in the fall. I love doing photo shoots in Utah because there are so many amazing locations! Sadly for my kids, I can never get enough of shooting in Utah! I have been known to pull off to the side of the road at any given moment to drag them out of the car and snap some pics! If I see a spot I love, I will stop and use it! 

Utah Oct 2010-19

Utah Oct 2010-24

Utah Oct 2010-39

Utah Oct 2010-62

Utah Oct 2010-106

Utah Oct 2010-112

Utah Oct 2010-113

Utah Oct 2010-5

And yes, if you are wondering….. I do pack their cutest clothes when we go up there and I do tend to color coordinate them most of the time we are on vacation because you never know when a photo-op is going to arise! Call me crazy, call me a little kooky, I just call it being prepared! šŸ™‚

Also, Emily's headband is from here: Miss Ruby Sue on Etsy! She makes the most amazing things and every time I wear anything of hers I get stopped and asked about it a million times over. This is my favorite headband of hers…. Emmy and I share it. Lots of new ones that I am eyeing as well! I'm just warning you ahead of time that if you click over to her shop you will be hooked!! šŸ™‚