These amazingly clever and cute bulletin boards that Jennifer Pebbles and her husband are selling on their etsy site Little Pretty Studio. Aren’t they so fun? I especially love the woodgrain fabric! I want to put up 5-7 of these on my wall in my laundry room! I just think all of the different fabrics would look so cute clustered together.

These hand embroidered photo albums by For The Record. I love the handmade look of these – the fabric, the stitching and the buttons. They are too cute! Lots more over on their site – I love them all!!


This butterfly print from Lush Bella. I am loving butterflies these days – love to use them on my scrapbook layouts. This print also reminds me of this project that Ali Edwards made. I absolutely loved it and still want to make one… just need to figure out where I could put it first.


All of these are from Etsy! I love that site – It is one of my favorite places to shop now!