Hi! Just popping in to say that I hope you all had a great day today! I love Easter! Such a great time to reflect and focus on Christ and be with family. I love it! 

We also had General Conference this weekend so we watched that as well. Lots of great messages about parenting this time and it was a good reminder for me to keep a strong focus on being as good of a mother as I can possibly be! There is always room for improvement and I am inspired to step it up a notch and switch around some of my priorities. The last thing I want to do is look back after my children are grown and gone and feel like I didn't do enough or that I didn't spend enough time just being with them and making sure they know I love and adore them!

On another note Emily Jane is obsessed with bunny rabbits lately! She found and fell in love with a particular "bunny book" that we have and has since gathered quite a collection of books with bunnies in them – both from books we already had and a few new ones as well. She HAS to sleep with them every night and literally sleeps with them all over her. If I try to go in and move them she will wake up and say "My bunny book, my bunny book" in complete distress. 

Then since the stores have been stocked full of all kinds of bunnies for Easter she has also acquired a small collection of stuffed bunnies as well. My mom bought her one and then we have bought her a few little ones over the last few weeks as well….. just establishing the basis for the next part of the story.

Anyway, last week my sister in law and I saw a sign on the road that said "bunnies for sale or rent" and we decided it would be perfect for a little photo shoot given Emily's love of bunnies! The next day we had our daughters dressed up and ready to go along with a quilt and a beautiful location. We stopped by and picked up two white bunnies on the way and we were in business. It was great! 

As we figured she would be, Emily was actually quite scared or "gared" in her words of the live bunnies. She would only dare touch them when they were sitting and not moving. As soon as they would jump or start to move at all she would start squealing and get "gared" again. Then at one point she also named the one with darker ears "the blue one bunny" and she decided she didn't like it. So she would say "I don't like that blue one bunny" and cry until we got it off the blanket. She is a nut!! (At almost 3 she still doesn't know her colors except for pink even though we have tried and tried to teach her…. but that is another story.)

Emily Bunnies-1406

Emily Bunnies-1633

Emily Bunnies-1695

Emily Bunnies-1644