Happy 4th!

Happy HOT 4th of July! It was scorching here yesterday – record heat – I think around 116 or 117!! Crazy stuff! Most of Brian’s extended family went to Lake Powell for the week but since I am about to have this baby we were stuck here on our own! It was a fun day though – not our typical 4th of July – but we improvised and made it work!

Our neighborhood had a parade yesterday morning and the boys were on one of the floats with a bunch of their friends. It was a Hawaii/Surfing theme so they were in their swimming suits. It was really cute. They had bags of candy to throw to the people on the street and they were probably most excited about that. I think there were more people in the parade than there were watching the parade, so each family we passed got about 100 pieces of candy thrown at them! Tyler even hit one lady in the back of the head with a piece of candy which he thought was quite hysterical! (disclaimer – It was on accident of course and she wasn’t hurt!) I ended up walking along the side of the float the whole way (which I wasn’t planning on) and it was so hot. Everyone thought I was crazy and I probably was but it was fun anyway! When we got to the end of the parade at the clubhouse, they had popsicles and water for all the kids. After it was over Matthew wanted to know why he didn’t get to go on any rides. I guess he was thinking of the fair or something! 🙂

We went home to cool off after that and never made it back outside! It was just too hot to do much of anything other than stay inside – especially for me, being 9 months pregnant! We hung out and played uno a bazillion times. It is Tyler and Matthew’s new favorite game and we have been playing it constantly lately. Then we had a pretend bbq. Since our backyard isn’t finished yet and we don’t have a grill, we had a “bbq” inside! We had corn on the cob and watermelon which was so yummy!! And we had bratwurst which isn’t very American but it was something different and the boys loved it! After our “bbq” we all gathered on the couch and watched the fireworks shows on t.v.

So, even though it wasn’t what I normally think of for the 4th of July, it ended up being a great day and we had a lot of fun together – just our little family.

I got some fun pictures of them at the parade. You can tell how hot it was because their faces are bright red! Everyone kept thinking that they were getting sunburned but they weren’t! They had tons of sun block on – they were just really really hot!

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  • Amy Yetter
    July 5, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    The parade looks like so much fun! Sorry we missed it. I wasn’t heading out in that heat without Nate though, you’re good to brave it!

  • laura vegas
    July 5, 2007 at 5:45 pm

    i guess i can’t complain about our 105 degree weather since you were 10 degrees higher. lol! looks like the boys had fun … the candy part was too funny! i’d be whacking people on the head too … except it’d probably be on purpose (i have a wierd sense of humor. lol!).

  • Katie
    July 5, 2007 at 7:20 pm

    It sounds and looks like a ton of fun. Happy 4th : )

  • Caroline Ikeji
    July 6, 2007 at 12:47 am

    sounds like fun!
    fun pics, too!

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