Maggie_robynWent to dinner with friends last week – Loni Stevens, Robyn Werlich and Kerri Bradford. We met in Provo because Robyn was up from St. George for CKU. We went to California Pizza Kitchen – yum – and then we went over to Pebbles for some shopping and scouting out the latest and greatest products. We had a great time but the real fun began when we were leaving. Loni pulled out her camera so we could take a few pictures outside of Pebbles. I think we were all a little tired or something because we just started laughing  and being silly and couldn’t stop. Loni was being such a goof and so funny – as usual. I was laughing so hard, I was literally crying. Loni was trying to take pictures of Robyn and me and I had to keep turning away because the tears were streaming. I have so much fun with these girls. I can just let loose and be myself and it is so great! They are both so funny and a little bit sarcastic and they always get me going! It is so great to have friends that you have so much in common with – friends that are an absolute blast to be with – friends that are always there when you are feeling down or discouraged and need some advice and encouragement – friends that love you for who you are – GREAT FRIENDS!! Funny how things work – you meet people because of what you do (scrapbooking) and you find that you have so much in common – on so many different levels. If it weren’t for scrapbooking, I wouldn’t be friends with these girls! I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met (and continue to meet) through scrapbooking. I am grateful for friends – people who make me laugh and help me to de-stress. I need to go out with friends more often. I always feel a little guilty leaving my family but then I have so much fun. I need to do it more, need to remember that friends are an important part of my life, an important part of who I am. It feels so good to be with great friends and to have so much fun – just being girls – being silly and crazy and goofy! (Can’t wait to scrapbook the pictures)