As a photographer I am always looking to capture the eyes

the sparkle, the smile, the life…. 

it can all be found in the eyes. 

In fact I was photographing a boy the other day who was about 10 years old 
and I was waiting and waiting for the smile in his eyes. 
He was giving me the typical 7-10 year old boy smile that looks like 
"I don't know what you are doing with that big camera in my face 
and I really wish I was home playing xbox anyway 
and I feel silly smiling cause I don't really know how to smile without looking like I am trying way too hard and I end up making a face that is nothing close to my normal true and genuine smile 
and oh, did I mention that I would rather be home playing xbox??" 
So, I was trying to talk him through it and dad was being silly trying to get him to loosen up 
and then it finally clicked and so I started clicking and I wasn't even looking at his mouth but rather his eyes… and I could finally see his smile in his eyes and I said 
"there it is, I can see your smile in your eyes!" 
and I am sure he thought I was even kookier than before! 
But anyway, there is a point to the story…
this family… these kids…
they have the most amazing eyes
she has blue eyes
and his are brown
and the little one's are somewhere in between…
and they are all beautiful and sparkly and so full of life's beauty!! 
These were so fun to edit!!