I shared a few images from this session already but I just can't get enough of them so I had to share a few more. They are the cutest couple and you could feel how in love they are and how excited they are for their big day! I can't wait to shoot their wedding! I am sure she will look gorgeous in her wedding gown!






There are a couple of funny stories from this shoot that I just have to share….

About a half hour into our shoot Brian had a big red and swollen bump on his forehead. It looked like a bug bite and felt like one but we weren't sure where it came from. He was a trooper and didn't pay much attention to it and I assured them that I could photoshop it out. Well, when I got home and started editing the images I could clearly see the culprit and the exact point at which the bump came about. I was editing away and then got to an image where there was something small and black in the exact spot on his forehead. I zoomed in on it and sure enough…. it was a mosquito perched right there just biting away!! The mosquito was on his forehead for quite a few pictures and then all of a sudden it was gone and in the next few pictures you could see the redness and swelling appear out of nowhere!! I was laughing so hard! Who new that I was documenting the process of a mosquito bite the entire time!!

Later in the shoot we were on these really cool railroad tracks and I was thinking to myself what a fun location it was and that I would definitely need to use this spot again. Well, we were on the part of the tracks that was a bridge so there was a big fence and then a smaller wire fence that went quite a ways until you were on more level ground and off the bridge. We were up on the bridge part and I had them all sitting down and was clicking away when we started to hear a train honking in the distance. We all paused for a second but then continued on as if nothing was happening. I guess we were all just not really thinking it could be a train — duh! Then the honking got louder and closer and we started saying "is that a train coming?" We couldn't see the train because the tracks start to bend and curve right after the fence ends so you can't really see it approaching. As the sounds got closer I said we better get up and get off the tracks. Then as we were standing up we looked back and there was a train coming right around the bend full speed – coming straight for us!! Well, because of the fence and the fact that we were on the bridge, there was no where for us to go except to stand on the side of the tracks on the tiny little walkway between the fence and the tracks. We were smashed as close to the fence as possible holding on for dear life and screaming and laughing as the train was flying right past us about 6 inches from touching us!! It was CRAZY! I was holding onto my gigantic lens and camera for dear life and I can't believe that I wasn't more scared! It all happened so quickly that I don't think there was time to get scared! You could feel the wind and all the dust and debris flying at us and hitting us from the train. The train was super long with no end in sight and then after it had been flying past us for a bit, it started to slow down and came to a stop. We think there was something it had to stop for on the other side of the bridge. We waited until it was completely stopped and then we hurried as fast as we could along the side of the train off the bridge to the part where the fence ended and then we ran down the little cliff/hill and went under the bridge to continue our shoot!! It was quite an experience to say the least and I am just glad that we were all ok!! Needless to say I will definitely not be taking any families or small children to that location!! At least we got some great pictures though right??

Well, how is that for an exciting shoot! This is one that will definitely go down in the books as a shoot to remember!!