Today is a very special day for our family! Emily turned 8 this month and she has chosen to get baptized! We are so excited for her and she has been looking forward to this day for such a long time!

While we were in Utah earlier this month I took her baptism photos. She looked so beautiful in her gorgeous white dress! My sweet and very talented friend, Breea Guttery, also came along and filmed Emily while I was taking pictures. It was so much fun to collaborate on this and I knew that what she would put together in the end would be magical!

I cry every time I watch this video and I have a new favorite part each time too! Not only did she capture the essence of this special day, but she also captured Emily’s personality perfectly! This will forever be a treasure to us and I am so thankful that we have a video as well as the still photos. Together they tell such a beautiful story!!

Emily Baptism Photos July 2015-25

 I will share more of the photos in an upcoming post! For now I am enjoying this video on endless repeat!! Hugs!!

Happy Day Friends!!