Emily is over 4 weeks already! I can’t believe how fast the time goes after you have a baby! Those last few months of pregnancy are sooooo slow and then once you have them, the time seems to fly by! She had her one month check up yesterday and she is 8lb 13oz and 22 inches long. She is in the 37th percentile for weight and 79th percentile for length. We still can’t tell who she looks like. Everyone says something different! Brian thinks that she looks just like Nathan but I think she looks just like Matthew’s baby pictures. In fact, Nathan and I were looking at some of my older scrapbook albums this week and we came across a bunch of pages from when Matthew was a baby. Nathan kept saying “there’s emmy jane, there’s emmy jane” to every photo of Matthew. So, it will be fun to watch as she’s grows and changes to see who she will look like. And maybe she will be a mixture! Her eyelashes have grown and darkened. They seem to be doing what Matthew’s did at this age – grew a little each week – and now we all know that Matthew has the most amazingly long and thick eyelashes ever. Everyone who sees him comments on them. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Emily’s will continue to grow and be as amazing as Matthew’s!
She is still a wonderful and sweet little baby – so nice and so cuddly! She loves to be held and doesn’t seem to mind the constant attention and hugs and kisses from the boys. Matthew literally kisses her about 100 times a day! It is so cute! She will be asleep in her swing and he will be playing outside or in the other room and he will run in to give her a kiss every few minutes! I have to bite my tongue because my natural reaction is to tell him to leave her alone already! 🙂 But then I remember that it is just out of pure love and he literally can’t help himself! She is learning to not be bothered by it and usually just sleeps right through all of it!
Nathan is still keeping constant track of her. If he can’t see where she is he will ask me “mom, where’s emmy jane?” He doesn’t like it when she cries and rushes to tell me whenever she is crying! He will point to a bottle and say “need that, emmy jane’s mouth.”
She is already aquiring many nicknames. I have been calling her “little miss” or “missy miss”. (Don’t ask me why?) Brian calls her “my little heart sweet” or “duano”. Duano comes from Nathan because at first he would say “emmy duane” because he couldn’t say jane. Now he still can’t really say jane but is sounds more like dane instead of duane. Matthew has also been calling her Duane a little and I keep trying to put a stop to that because Duane is a boy’s name! They do say it more like “dwane” instead of “duane” (if there is even a noticeable difference). It’s so crazy how nicknames come about! Then Matthew also calls her “sweetie precious pumpkin girl”. And it’s all of those together every time – that’s quite a mouth full! Also, we all call her “princess”.
Here are some photos of her that I took. I am trying to work on her announcement – trying to decide what photo to use. It is so hard to choose. Hopefully I will get it all designed and off to the printer this week.




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