emily at 2 months:

smiling at us all the time now! first social smile was on august 30th – she has the cutest and biggest smile and her eyes just light up!! it is so fun!!

cooing at us when she smiles!

likes to look at her mobile in her crib

sleeps through the night – from about 10pm to about 5am

still has all of her hair and it seems to be lightening up – the roots look pretty blonde

loves her swing – her favorite place to nap (other than my arms!)

likes but doesn’t love her binkie – likes it most when she is going to sleep but then spits it out as soon as she falls asleep

grunts and groans and moves around a lot during the night (according to brian — i don’t really hear it)

likes her blankies snuggled up by her cheeks

loves to take her baths

makes really good eye contact with us and tracks moving objects like her mobile

is the absolute love of our lives – we all adore her and she still gets smothered with kisses and attention from her brothers!!! in fact matthew loves to climb in her crib and lay by her when she is fussing — even though i tell him not to! šŸ™‚

nicknames – emmy jane jane jane jane jane (matthew started this one), sweetie princess, sis, little sis (mostly i call her sis and whenever i call her that nathan says to me “mom, she’s not sis, she’s emmy jane!”)



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