At 8 months…….

She has tons of personality and is always smiling!

She is still the BEST baby ever!

She is so nice, so happy and just so good natured in general.

She rarely cries and usually only if she is hungry or tired.

She has 2 teeth – on the bottom.

She eats all baby foods and loves her mush the most – rice cereal with something else mixed in. 

She loves the bath!

She is scooting all around on her tummy like a little inch worm and rarely stays in one place anymore.

She loves her binky and loves to take it out, play with it and then put it back in.

She just started sleeping in her crib upstairs and is doing really well but we miss her in our room and miss how she would peek up at us over her bassinet in the mornings with a HUGE happy smile.

She babbles and says the sounds mamamama and bababababa.

She LOVES her daddy a LOT and lights up whenever he talks to her.

She loves being entertained by all the action going on around her from her brothers and sister. She loves when they clap for her and she really loves when Emily sings and dances for her.

She is at the stage where she is grabbing at everything in her path all the time no matter what it is and then it goes right to her mouth!

She sleeps best when we put her in bed with her binky and blanket and leave her. She doesn't fall asleep in our arms much at all anymore but does like to cuddle when she is awake.

She has a really high pitched little singing voice that she does a lot which is soooo cute. And then sometimes it turns into a really LOUD almost screaming, yet happy, voice in the car when she is trying to keep up with all the talking from everyone else.

She is a major cat napper in the day and usually doesn't nap for very long periods of time. But she always wakes up happy as a clam!

Her hair is still crazy and is super long only on the top. It is starting to come in more on the sides and in the back though. We love how her long hair on the top sticks up and literally flies in the wind when she doesn't have a headband on! It has always been so funny!

She has the SOFTEST skin ever!

She is quite chunky and one of her nicknames is chunkers. She has the cutest rolls on her legs and she has love handles which I love to squeeze!

Her other nicknames are Lizzy Kate, EK, bubbers, bubbas, cuters and punkin sis. 

We love love love her to pieces!


Photos are from a quick impromptu "photo shoot" (as in about 5 minutes long) when I was out to breakfast with my mom for her birthday. She was more interested in looking at the wood floor and putting her finger in the little holes than smiling for me! I die for her cheeks and her hands that are so chubby she has dimples in them!