Dream Big!

Hello! One of the things about being an artist is there is always a lot of trial and error and also creative practice! Sometimes we try an idea and it doesn’t work exactly how we envisioned. Or we try a new technique and it takes a while to get it down. But the great thing is, that none of it truly has to go to waste. If you save onto those scraps and “mistakes” they can often make their way back onto another project and many of them turn into what I call “happy accidents!” Something you envisioned for one project might not work, but then for another project it can be just perfect!

I love that Kim saves all of her watercolor “mistakes” or practice pages because she ends up using them in such beautiful ways on her scrapbook pages. One example that she is sharing today is how she created a die cut title and then placed her watercolor practice page behind it. This way, only parts of the painting show through and she can position it so that it works just perfectly for her layout! I LOVE the result! Oh and I also LOVE how she painted the dimensional fringe butterfly embellishment! It shows that you can take something and make it work to fit your color scheme with just a lit bit of watercolor! Thanks for the inspiration Kim!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share one of the ways I use my watercolors and scrap pieces of painted pages today. Sometimes I get a little excited about painting and get some ideas in my head of colors or pages I want to try and sometimes they work out and other times, well not so much. Normally we would just throw those pages out but no I keep them around, and just throw them in a pile somewhere. I save them because I know they might be great for something else one day. It takes me a while to empty my stash. I’ll try things 2, maybe 3 times and if it really looked like I won’t use it then I just trash it. But most times I do end up using things, some way, some how.

This page was created using an old painted page that I had saved. The colors just didn’t work as a good background at the time when I painted it. But for this page I wanted to try some cut out words. By doing it this way, it toned the color down and gave me more white space. I love color but I aim for just the right amount of because I have to have somewhere to layer all those cute embellishments!

I hand cut the words “dream big” and a heart at the bottom of the page where the colors had the most ombré effect. (You could also use an electronic die cut machine for this, like the Silhouette.) I like to see that fade in the color peeking through the white cardstock. It just looks so fun and interesting. You can simply use a page that was meant for scrap paper as the backing of your cutouts. The end result is always so unique.Once I attached my two pages I centered and layered my embellishments and photo around it. I love how the words pop off the page! I think I will be trying this technique again for sure! Have a great day!Happy Thursday!


Supplies Used >> Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Collection / Watercolor Paints / Silhouette Electronic Die Cut Machine / Watercolor Brushes / Dimensional Fringe Butterflies

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  • Natalie Jackson
    February 26, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Ilove the look of this page. I too like to play with watercolours and it’s a great tip to hold onto those “failures”. I don’t have a cutting machine and I will give the hand cut technique a go, also. Thanks for sharing.

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