DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Package

We’ve been MOVING in to our new home recently! It’s been such a whirlwind of excitement + lots of hard work and lots of time (obviously right?? and somehow it wasn’t so obvious to me at the time of planning when I thought it would only take a weekend —- who knew that moving a family of 8 would take more than just a couple of days! haha) Anyway, I will be sharing more on that in the weeks to come (including some fun collaborations we have going on with some of my favorite home furnishings and fixtures companies!!) So exciting to see it start to come together!!

We’ve had lots of trouble getting our internet up and running, hence the missing blog posts here and why this post is being published after Valentine’s Day. It’s too cute and fabulous not to share, so I’m still going to post it and let it inspire you nonetheless… because it definitely inspires me! Amanda is just so talented when it comes to gift wrapping! Her DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Package is the most adorable thing ever!! Keep reading for all the details!

P.S. You HAVE to check out her post about sharing Valentine’s day #randomactsofkindness here. She has the best heart!

I love Valentines Day!

A full day smothered in Pink and Red, and better yet, it’s a day to let your family and friends know how much you love them.

A few weeks ago while I was at the thrift store I came across a vintage egg basket and immediately thought of a friend. I added it to my cart and brought it home with me. The basket has been sitting in my grage just waiting to get packaged up.


Round items can be tricky to wrap, so I decided not to wrap the whole basket. Using a strip of crepe paper I used my sewing machine and ruffled it together. Once I had it wrapped around the basket I glued the two crepe paper ends together and then tied a piece of lace and gold sequins to the top.

I then began layering and adding a variety of textures to the top.

  1. Vintage flash card ( 2+3 = 5 is the number of people in the recipients family – 2 adults / 3 kids )
  2. Vintage Valentine
  3. hot pink ribbon tied onto a gold paper clip
  4. cloths pin with glittered top
  5. pink tickets
  6. Maggie Holmes SHINE collection “LOVE YOU” paper
  7. White shipping tag typed with a message and added accessories from Maggie Holmes BLOOM collection


To start I first placed the vintage flash card on top of the ruffled crepe paper and under the lace. The tickets then went on top of the flash card.


This vintage valentine goes perfect with the chicken wire basket gift. I have been saving it for the perfect gift and am so excited to finally share it.


On top of the tickets I added the vintage Valentine card and used my bow paper clip to hold everything together.


Lastly, I tucked in my typed note and added the ” LOVE YOU” card to the top.

Don’t be afraid to layer and use a variety of textures!


Valentines Day is all about letting those close to you know who much they are loved. I’m hoping this little project inspires you to share some love with your valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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