I recently got a MINC Foil Applicator and to say I am obsessed is an understatement! Ha! I’ve been in love with the custom and beautiful look of gold foil for a long time and am beyond thrilled that I can do it at home now!! It’s so super simple and easy to create your own DIY gold foil art prints and today I will show you how!

DIY Gold Foil Art Prints Maggie Holmes

Photo May 13, 10 51 17 AM

First here’s a quick run down on how the Minc works, in case you like the technical side of things. And then we will get to the fun stuff… the amazing results!! The heat in the machine activates a reaction in the toner that bonds the foil to the surface of the project. To bond the foil to a surface you must use a pre-printed accessory and/or a laser printer. With a laser printer you can design and print anything that you want (up to 12″ wide) and then run it through the machine! You can also have things printed at your local copy shop. It just has to be laser printed… an ink jet printer does not lay down toner so it will not work with the Minc.

A couple of things I am LOVING about the Minc is that it has adjustable heat settings that allow for foil transfer on sensitive materials like vellum, all the way to thick materials like chipboard and thin wood veneer. The other thing I personally love  is how compact it is! It doesn’t take up a lot of desk space and is not very tall so it can easily be tucked away when not in use! Ok, let’s get to the fun stuff – how to create your own gold foil art prints!

<< Supplies Needed >>

Minc Foil Applicator Starter Kit (on sale right now!)

Minc Foil (comes in lots of different colors!)

Something to apply the foil to — this can be any of the papers, tags, flowers, die cuts, etc that are already designed and have the toner on them (lots available here) OR you can design and print something yourself as long as you print it on a laser printer.

Photo May 12, 1 39 26 PM

Now the exciting part!! How to apply gold foil to an art print (or any color of foil that you want). Here is a step by step run down of my first project using the Minc!

Step 1 > I created this art print (which I am sharing with you for FREE today at the bottom of this post) and printed it at home on a laser printer.

Good Heart with Splatters Print Web

Step 2 > Cut a piece of foil (I used the pink) that covers the design of your print entirely. You want it to cover all of the toner completely but you don’t want to waste the foil so this is worth measuring out. Also use a good pair of sharp scissors here!!

Photo May 12, 1 43 07 PM

Step 3 > Lay the foil (shiny foil side up) over the printed design and place it into the Minc Transfer Folder (1 comes in the starter kit).

Photo May 12, 1 44 03 PM

Step 4 > Guide the folder (folded side first) into the machine. You will want to have already turned the machine on so that it is heated up and ready to go. The rollers will grab onto the folder and start drawing it in and through the machine.

Photo May 12, 1 45 34 PM

Step 5 > Allow the rollers to draw the folder all the way through the machine. Just let the machine do the work here and don’t try to push it through or give it extra help.

Step 6 > Take your project out of the folder and peel the foil sheet up and off. You will see now that the foil is applied and sealed to any area that had toner on it and your project is bright and shiny and ready to go!! This is the step where you ooooh and ahhhh and you want to show all your friends and family!

Photo May 12, 2 09 32 PM

Photo May 12, 2 10 35 PM

I couldn’t resist creating a second print of this quote and trying it in the GOLD foil! Who can resist a little gold right? I plan to keep this one in my craft room!

Photo May 13, 10 47 48 AM

Download the FREE art print here >> Free Brush Script Art Print

It is sized at 8×10 but you can size it down to create smaller prints or to print really small if you want to use it in a project life album or on a card or scrapbook page! Remember the print is for personal use only but feel free to share this post with your friends so they can grab it too!

Let me know if you have any questions about the Minc Foil Applicator machine! I am in LOVE and I know you will love it too! Hurry and grab it while it’s on sale! Such a good deal!!

Happy Wednesday!


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