Remember the tassels that I showed you how to make in this post: DIY Tassel Tutorial? Well, I guess you could say I am still obsessed with making them!! I have also been gathering beads and charms for quite some time now with the plan to make custom beaded bracelets with my girls. Well, we decided to bring the two crafts together and it instantly took our bracelets to a whole new level!! I mean, what little girl doesn’t love a bracelet with darling tiny tassels, cute beads and adorable charms?

They were super easy to make and my girls did a lot of the work themselves, which makes them even more special. Not only do I love how cute they turned out, but the time spent with Emily and Elizabeth was priceless!!

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-2

Here’s an easy tutorial for making custom beaded bracelets for little girls!!

Supplies Needed >> Embroidery Thread, Jump Rings, Beads, Charms, Clear Stretchy Elastic Cord, Scissors, Super Glue, Gold Paint, Paintbrush, Cute Little Girls Hands for Helping 🙂

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-13

Step One >> Gather a variety of beads. We used a mixture of glass, plastic and wooden beads for a fun eclectic look! Before we began I painted the wooden beads with Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding in Gold. I have tried a ton of gold craft paints and this one definitely has the best coverage and dries very quickly as well! Some of the beads I painted all the way and some I only painted halfway so that the wood was still partially showing.

Step Two >> Create your tassels. You can follow my tutorial for creating tassels here. The only difference here is that I used basic embroidery thread instead of a thicker yarn. We chose threads that coordinated with our beads and I would make the tassels as the girls were choosing their beads and designing their bracelets. We mostly chose to add one tassel to each bracelet, but you can also add two of varying sizes like we did on this one.

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-11

I also found some variegated embroidery thread that I used to make this tassel. It creates a fun and different look!

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-10

Step Three >> String the beads, tassels and charms onto your clear stretchy elastic cord. I used a thicker cord (1 mm diameter) so that the bracelets would be strong. This makes them not quite as stretchy but I think it makes them more durable in the hands of little ones. To get the right size we tried different lengths and added/subtracted beads until it was comfortable on the girls’ wrists. They ended up liking them to fit snug (rather than loose and dangly) but not too tight.

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-9

Step Four >> Tie the ends of the elastic cord into a knot and repeat three times (creating three knots on top of each other). Then I added a drop of super glue right onto the knot to make sure it won’t come undone. I also added a dab of super glue to the knots on my tassels to make them nice and secure as well.

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-7

Step Five >> Enjoy your finished bracelets and have fun creating lots of different combinations!

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-12

Maggie Holmes Bracelets Tutorial-4

Both of the girls are in LOVE with the bracelets we made! They loved being able to choose their own designs and then help create them and it was such a fun project to do together! We have already started creating more to give to their cousins and friends for birthday and Christmas gifts! There is nothing better than handmade!!

I hope you enjoyed our DIY beaded bracelet tutorial! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Wednesday!