Dining Room Details

When it comes to interior design, I’m all about the details. It’s the little things that often get overlooked, but for me they can make all the difference.

maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-2One of the reasons I love having a bench or settee in our dining room is that it breaks things up visually (instead of having 4 more chairs) and also allows me to add in some color and pattern through pillows. So now this area becomes a  focal point for the room and gives me the opportunity to add another layer of design to the space. All of the pillows I used are from Tonic Living and what I love about this company is their attention to the details. They really get what I said above – that the details can (and do) make all the difference!

maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-32maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-11For example, what sold me on these blush pink pillows are the gold zippers! Yes, gold zippers! I mean, come on, you take an already awesome pillow because it’s the perfect blush pink and then you add gold zippers. How can I resist that? They are beautiful!

dovey-trio-1000-2maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-10Another detail that Tonic Living has nailed is their pillow inserts. If you have ever shopped around for inserts, you know about the sadness you feel when you put the insert in and it is so floppy – doesn’t fill out the pillow cover all the way, doesn’t take a or hold a karate chop well and just doesn’t look good! Ugh! I hate that (and sadly I have lots of pillows in our home that need to be refreshed with better inserts).

Well, the ones from Tonic Living are seriously amazing! They aren’t paying me to say this – It’s just my honest opinion and truly the images speak for themselves. You can see how full and fluffy the pillows are and how well the inserts fill out the covers. I guess I’m just still kind of in a blissful shock over it because, like I said, I’ve got lots of pillows that don’t have good inserts and it’s frustrating! So even if you aren’t looking for new pillows, you may want to consider swapping out your inserts in the pillows you already have because these are the best ones! Truly! So thank you Tonic Living for opening my eyes to a new world of how much difference a good pillow insert makes! It’s kinda life changing in an interior design sense of things! Ha!

maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-13maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-34I styled the table with the beautiful pink rose antique dishes that I inherited from my Grandma. I love them and love that I get to see them sitting there every day! They remind me of her and it puts a smile on my face every time I pass by the space! The other pieces on the table are things I rotate in and out depending on the day, but I like to have a few other things on there to complete the look. This is a typical dining table display for me though – a set of plates, some of my milk glass collection, an antique silver serving tray, classic white napkins and a cake plate or two. The fun thing is that these are decorations you can easily move around in your kitchen or switch out when you collect new pieces from the thrift store and it’s an easy way to freshen things up and get a new and different look!

maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-9 maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-15maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-7maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-1Stay tuned for more details about our dining room, including the process of adding the moulding and a whole different look with different pillows and table decor!

Get the Look >> Pillows: Blush Pink, Grey Buffalo CheckIntersectionsGold & Silver Marble / Dining Table / End Chairs / Bench / Dining Chairs / Cake Plates

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  • sandra
    September 26, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Which inserts did you use?

    • Maggie Holmes
      October 3, 2016 at 10:12 am

      Hi Sandra! I used the faux down inserts.

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