I shared this yummy recipe on my Instagram and wanted to share it here as well.

I love caramel corn but I have found it hard to find good recipes for caramel popcorn that don't have dairy in them.

When I saw this one I knew I had to give it a try, not only because it is dairy free but also because it has two of my favorite ingredients >> peanut butter and marshmallows!! Below is the recipe with my tips and modifications.

<< Vegan Caramel Corn Recipe >>

2-3 packages of microwave popcorn (popped)

1/2 Cup margarine (I used dairy free here – Earth Balance or Smart Balance Light)

3/4 C brown sugar

1/4 – 1/2 Cup peanut butter (I used closer to 1/2 Cup because we love peanut butter)

7 oz container marshmallow cream (You could also use marshmallows)

Melt everything (but the popcorn of course) in a large bowl in the microwave.

Pour popped popcorn into the bowl and stir well to coat. I used about 2 1/2 bags of popcorn because I wanted every single piece coated well!

Spread onto a foil lined cookie sheet and bake in oven at 300 degrees for about 10-15 minutes to crisp it up a bit. I like mine more gooey than crunchy so I did less time. 

Enjoy and let me know if you have another good dairy free caramel corn recipe that we can try!