Cyber Monday – 40% off Photography Workshops!

Happy Cyber Monday!

Today I am offering my Online Photography Workshops at a 40% discount!! 

I have been teaching both of my photography workshops for years now and have taught hundreds of students how to finally figure out all of those settings and get sharp, correctly exposed, AND meaningful images! I've recently converted both workshops into self-paced classes meaning that you get to download the entire course immediately and then do the lessons/assignments at your own pace!

Whether you are a beginner with brand new equipment and no idea where to start, or a little more seasoned, I've got you covered. From settings to lighting to composition, posing, creativity and even editing, it's all there. When I wrote these online photography classes I included everything I wish someone would have told me during all those years of figuring it all out on my own….. including all of my tips, tricks and insider secrets!

You can read both of the detailed class descriptions here on my website.

Register now to take advantage of this never before offered discount of 40% off!

Use coupon code CYBER to receive 40% off either of my photography classes. The code also works with the bundle (both classes purchased together) which gives you a HUGE savings! 

Happy Cyber Monday friends!


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