Hi there! Today I am sharing part one of my craft room tour! My previous craft room photos from years past are still some of the most often pinned images from my site, which tells me I’m not the only one who loves the topic of scrapbook supply organization!! Lots of things have changed since then so I figured it was past time that I shared some new photos showing how I organize everything in here!

Maggie Holmes Craft Room Tour

We’ve moved quite a bit and in our current home I am blessed with a LARGE room to call my own. There’s plenty of space for a computer/desk area, my scrapbooking and crafting products, fabrics, photography equipment and more! The blessing of a large room can sometimes turn into a curse though because it allows for even more messes to be made and also allows me to sometimes accumulate too much excess stuff! It’s definitely a constant balancing act for me so I often go through my supplies, pull out things that I have too much of and add them to my shop so they can find their way into the hands of another crafter. I’m also one that likes to clean up in between projects so that helps to keep things on a semi-tidy basis in here.

This section of my craft room is where I keep most of my small embellishments. It sits on the far wall of my room but is close to where I work so I can easily go back and forth to grab the things I need.

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-24

I found this amazing dresser at an antique store and it was already painted this lovely pink color! The instant I saw it, I knew it would be perfect in here! It provides another surface area for storing things on top while also providing the drawer space for things I don’t need to access on a daily basis. Plus it is so cute!! Currently I am storing extra products from my Crate Paper collections, paint and other random things in the drawers.

You can also see my organization tip for spools of twine below. The Divine Twine spools fit perfectly into sugar pourer jars and you can thread the end of the twine right through the little opening in the lid. When you need some twine, just pull on the end and cut off the amount you need. It keeps everything from getting all messy and tangled up!

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-26

On top of the dresser I have this vintage printer’s drawer that I also found at an antique store. When I got it, it was brown and really dirty. I gave it a good cleaning and then spray painted it white. I also painted the metal handle gold. I love how all of these colorful embellishments look in it now that it’s white!

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-3

Vintage printer’s drawers come in lots of different sizes. I love that this one is really big because I can fit so many things in it. But it also works because I have this surface to keep it on 100% of the time. If I didn’t have this extra space on the dresser, then it would be hard to have this type of storage. So if you are thinking of getting a printer’s tray, just make sure you have somewhere to keep it. If I were to move this around a lot, things would fall out and get all mixed up, which would not be a good situation!

It’s also not something you want to be within reach of little hands, unless you want a million sequins and other little things scattered around your house! I have a large white foam board that I keep on top of it when I am not in here working. Not only does it keep Lizzy Kate from playing with everything, but it keeps the dust out as well.

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-1

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-2

I love how each little space keeps things so organized while also keeping so many fun embellishments out and easy to access. When I get to the embellishing stage of a project I come here first to pick out a few things! I do rotate things out of here once in a while but for the most part these are the go-to items that I never get tired of! You can see lots of things from my Crate Paper collections, plus some of my favorite classics like resin flowers, wood veneer, mini clothespins and sequins.

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-4

Next to the printer’s tray I have an old muffin tin that I use for other small supplies. I do change out the contents from time to time, but currently I like how it works for storing these smaller spools of twine.

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-5

Up above the pink dresser, on the wall, I have two of these storage shelves from back in the day when I designed for Making Memories. They are perfect for storing more of my small embellishments that I use a lot + all of my washi tapes. I also keep some of my favorite American Crafts ribbons and glitter tapes here.

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-10

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-6

I have collected quite a few little jars (most are from World Market) and I use them to sort and store more wood veneer, buttons, small cork and chipboard shapes, more sequins and more mini clothespins. You can definitely tell which types of embellishments I LOVE and use a lot!

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-11

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-7

Having storage like this makes me happy because it’s not only functional but it is also pretty at the same time. When I am crafting or scrapbooking, it’s definitely inspirational to have all of my favorite things on display like this! Kind of like shopping in my own craft room!

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-8

Also on this same wall I have these picture ledges from Ikea and they are perfect for storing paint, mists, glitter and more small jars because the shelf depth is just right. It is like a happy colorful rainbow!! And again I like that it keeps things out and within my reach (but also just out of reach from my little ones).

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-9

Maggie Holmes Craft Room 2014-12

That wraps up part 1 of my craft room tour! I hope it gives you some good ideas for storing and organizing your craft supplies! This is only one area of my room, so I have lots more to share still…. stay tuned for more photos and more craft supply organization tips in future blog posts!!

Happy Monday & Happy Organizing!


P.S. If you have a craft room tour that you would like to share, link us up here in the comments! It is always so much fun to see how other people organize their things too and we can all be inspired by each other!