Dream Big!

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Hello! One of the things about being an artist is there is always a lot of trial and error and also creative practice! Sometimes we try an idea and it doesn’t work exactly how we envisioned. Or we try a new technique and it takes a while to get it down. But the great thing is, that none of it truly has to go to waste. If you save onto those scraps and “mistakes” they can often make their way back onto another project and many of them turn into what I call “happy accidents!” Something you envisioned for one project might not work, but then for another project it can be just perfect!

I love that Kim saves all of her watercolor “mistakes” or practice pages because she ends up using them in such beautiful ways on her scrapbook pages. One example that she is sharing today is how she created a die cut title and then placed her watercolor practice page behind it. This way, only parts of the painting show through and she can position it so that it works just perfectly for her layout! I LOVE the result! Oh and I also LOVE how she painted the dimensional fringe butterfly embellishment! It shows that you can take something and make it work to fit your color scheme with just a lit bit of watercolor! Thanks for the inspiration Kim!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share one of the ways I use my watercolors and scrap pieces of painted pages today. Sometimes I get a little excited about painting and get some ideas in my head of colors or pages I want to try and sometimes they work out and other times, well not so much. Normally we would just throw those pages out but no I keep them around, and just throw them in a pile somewhere. I save them because I know they might be great for something else one day. It takes me a while to empty my stash. I’ll try things 2, maybe 3 times and if it really looked like I won’t use it then I just trash it. But most times I do end up using things, some way, some how.

This page was created using an old painted page that I had saved. The colors just didn’t work as a good background at the time when I painted it. But for this page I wanted to try some cut out words. By doing it this way, it toned the color down and gave me more white space. I love color but I aim for just the right amount of because I have to have somewhere to layer all those cute embellishments!

I hand cut the words “dream big” and a heart at the bottom of the page where the colors had the most ombré effect. (You could also use an electronic die cut machine for this, like the Silhouette.) I like to see that fade in the color peeking through the white cardstock. It just looks so fun and interesting. You can simply use a page that was meant for scrap paper as the backing of your cutouts. The end result is always so unique.Once I attached my two pages I centered and layered my embellishments and photo around it. I love how the words pop off the page! I think I will be trying this technique again for sure! Have a great day!Happy Thursday!


Supplies Used >> Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Collection / Watercolor Paints / Silhouette Electronic Die Cut Machine / Watercolor Brushes / Dimensional Fringe Butterflies

DIY Gift Wrap

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Hi friends! Hope your week is off to a great start! Today’s post is sure to add some cheer to your day because it is so super cute!! Design team member, Amanda is teaching us how to make your own gift wrapping paper! She’s used the unicorn stamp from this stamp set in my Gather collection and it turned out darling!! Once you have a roll of white paper and a few stamps, the possibilities are endless and you can make so many different cute varieties of paper! I think these bow stamps would also be perfect for this project! You could use each one to make a different wrapping paper or use all the different bow stamps on one paper and stamp them randomly for a fun look! Read on for the full tutorial! You are going to love it!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I LOVE sending happy mail. I mean, is there anything better then opening your mail box to a bright colored envelope or a package sitting on top of all your bills and junk mail??

Every month I budget a small amount to use for gifting and sending happy mail. Some months I don’t send anything, giving me a larger budget the following month. Last week I gathered my supplies and wrapped up a few little gifts to go along with a thank you note.

I made my own gift wrap and wanted to share a tutorial with you since it is so easy and fun to make!


DIY Wrapping paper supplies: Roll of white paper | Unicorn Stamp | Stamp Ink

After you have gathered your supplies, roll your white paper out big enough to cover the package you want to wrap. To start I stamped 5 unicorns on the first row. Starting my second row I stamped 4 unicorns in the middle of the 5 from the first row. Continue this pattern until you reach the top of your paper.

unicornstamp-copyTIP >>>> If you don’t want to have tape marks on your wrapping paper use a small dot of hot glue or double sided adhesive.

Along with my handmade unicorn stamped paper I also created a second wrapping paper with painted brush strokes. Just grab your favorite paint colors and go crazy!!!!

unicorngiftwrapLastly, I used pattern papers from Maggie Holmes Gather Collection, ruffled crepe paper and sequin trims to add a little sparkle and texture to decorate my packages. On one of them, I used a scrap fabric strip as a ribbon and made a button using my button maker and pattern paper to attach everything together.

buttonpackageSo are you ready to to add a little cheer to someones day!!!? It can be as simple as a handwritten note with confetti inside. We can always use a little happy mail surprise.

unicornpackage4Happy Monday!


Supplies Used >> Unicorn Stamp / Bows Stamp SetGather Stamp Set / Black & White Buffalo Check Paper / Gather 12×12 Paper Pad / Black Stamping Ink / Maggie Holmes Gather Collection

How To Install Panel Moulding

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Hi friends! As promised I’m sharing how to install panel moulding like we did in our recent dining room makeover. We are so happy with the results and I can’t say enough about how much the moulding and trim add to the overall look of the room!

maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-15 maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-33There’s a couple of different ways you can approach this project… full DIY installation of panel moulding OR you can hire it out. Or if you have a handy friend, you could ask them for help and you can assist and learn along the way. We considered doing the installation of the moulding ourselves, but in the end my husband was too busy with work and other responsibilities so we decided to have a trim carpenter come and install it for us. We did the measuring and ordering ourselves through Metrie and I definitely learned some important information during that small part of the process. You can find my tips here, along with the big mistake I made, so you don’t have to make the same mistake too!

Once we had the material, the trim carpenter came to install and I stuck around to watch and observe so that I could learn enough to give you a rundown of how to do it if you want to go the DIY route.

maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips1 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-2 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-3 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-4 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-6 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-12

Steps for Installing Panel Moulding

1 >> Plan your design and draw it out on the wall. I played around with a few different configurations for our moulding and drew them out to scale on paper so I could see how they would look. Once I decided on our final design, I used that for the measurements to order the moulding. TIP >> One great tip I learned from Metrie is that you can use painter’s tape to try out different designs on your wall before deciding. It really helps to get a vision of how it will actually look once it’s installed! The trim carpenter used my paper drawing to then pencil his guidelines onto our walls. He used a level of course and made sure it was all evenly spaced and looking good before cutting or installing any moulding.

2 >> There’s not necessarily an exact formula for the spacing that you leave in between your panel moulding or picture frame boxes. You do want to keep your spacing consistent though so we went with 3″ because that looked good to me and then we used that for all the spacing — spacing from the edges, spacing from the floor and ceiling and then spacing between the panel moulding boxes and between the boxes and the chair rail. I think consistency is the best tip here so that it all looks even and flows well. You can look at images online to see how different amounts of spacing will look.

3 >> Measure and cut your moulding to size. I don’t have any technical tips here other than to be sure you know what you are doing or enlist some help. You wouldn’t want to ruin a bunch of beautiful moulding. The corners are mitered so that’s the trickiest part and you want your corners to come together seamlessly for a beautiful look. You can create the boxes before attaching them to the wall and then put the whole box onto the wall at once. Or you can attach each of the four pieces to the wall separately and create the box as you install it. I’m not sure there is a right or wrong here, other than preference. Our carpenter created some before attaching them to the wall and others he attached piece by piece. I’d imagine the really big ones would be harder to attach as a whole box so that might be the difference.

4 >> Once you have all of your moulding installed, you’re ready to caulk and cover the nails and paint it! This is another step that you can DIY or hire out. You’ll want to fill each nail hole and caulk along the edges of the strips of moulding so that you don’t see any space or gap between the moulding and the wall. To create the look we have in our home, you will paint the entire wall and the moulding with the same color and sheen of paint. We chose white to flow with the rest of our home in a satin finish. There’s lots of different looks you can create with paint. You can paint the walls a color and the moulding white to get a more bold and graphic look, which will really highlight the design of your moulding. Or you can also choose your color and paint the walls and moulding the same color… Similar to what we did with the white, but with any color you can dream of. I’ve seen lots of beautiful rooms with all different colors and the looks are stunning! From light pale colors to bold dark ones like black or inky blue! So many possibilities!

maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-14 maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-58And finally you can step back and enjoy your beautiful finished room with your newly installed moulding! As a parting thought, my biggest tip is to think about the moulding and trim early on in your design or building process! It is much easier and more seamless to install it during the beginning stages. But either way, it makes all the difference and you will love the look of your new room once you have it in!!

I hope you’ve found my tutorial for how to install picture frame moulding or panel moulding helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Monday!


Sources >> Light Wood Farmhouse Style Dining Table, Linen & Wood Dining Chairs (similar), Caned Back End Chairs (similar), Linen Dining Bench, Moulding, Pillows, Cake Plates

This post was created in collaboration with Metrie.

DIY Thank You Card

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Hi friends! Happy November! I LOVE November because it means that the weather is going to start cooling off here in Arizona and we get to start spending a lot more time outside! I also LOVE Thanksgiving! Gratitude is something I try to focus on all year long, but I love that we get lots of extra reminders this month and lots of additional opportunities to share and think about what we are grateful for! Design team member Amanda Rydell has a darling DIY Thank You card for us today and I love her little reminder at the end of the post that we should take the time to tell people when we are thankful for them! I always have a running list of people I want to send thank you cards to and I have to admit, I am not always the best at actually sitting down and doing it! I need to be better and this is a great little extra push for me! Of course, it’s wonderful to thank people in any way, whether that’s via text or email or just telling them…. but I think it’s also super fabulous to go the extra step and send an actual card once in a while too like Amanda is showing us today. It really doesn’t take long to make a card when you use things you already have on hand, and the recipient will definitely know you are genuine and that you care about them!

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels the need to hoard and keep all the little cut up left over scrap papers. Maybe it’s because all of Maggie’s pattern papers are such eye candy and how could I throw such prettiness in the garbage??

Just the other day I was in need of a thank you card and instead of going to the store to buy a card I dug through my scrap papers and made my own. This is a great way to use up left over papers and handmade is always better anyway, right!

scrappapertucardThis card was really easy to make and took only a few minutes.

Using my scrap paper, I layered a few pieces together and used my sewing machine to adhere them all together. On the front of the card I used a floral paper embellishment and puffy gold alphabet stickers to write my message. To finish it off I attached a couple of tassels to a gold paper clip.

thankyoucard2Since my card is flat, I used a small glassine bag to hold a note that I typed, along with a gift card. The gold paper clip that you can see from the front holds everything together. To help my recipient see the note, I folded a pink ticket in half and stapled it to the top of my paper to create a little tab that can be easily pulled.

thankyoucard3There is always so much to be thankful for and I think it’s important to share your gratitude with others!

P.S. You might want to take a look at my DIY Tassel Tutorial here if you want to make some bigger cute tassels like Amanda has used on her card! You can get the little leather ones from my Bloom collection here and the tiny little ones from Gather here. I like to use 2-3 and layer the small ones with the big ones!

Happy Thursday!


Supplies Used >> Maggie Holmes Gather Collection / Typewriter / Gather Ephemera Die Cuts / Gold Puffy Script Alphabet Stickers / Black & White Buffalo Check Paper / Black Music Notes Paper / Gold Paper Clips / glassine bag / Small Leather Tassels / Tiny Tassels

DIY Gift Card Holders

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We are talking handmade DIY pretty packaging again today! This time Kim is showing us how to make your own super cute gift card holders! Gift cards are a great idea, especially when it comes to choosing gifts for women! Picking jewelry or clothing for friends or even my sister and mom can be tricky, but a gift card is a definite home run every single time because they can pick exactly what they want! And then when you take it to the next level and create a beautiful gift card holder, it really makes the gift feel more thoughtful and unique! Read on for the full tutorial to create this gorgeous gift card holder with patterned paper and watercolor flowers! I mean, how amazing are these florals that she die cut with the Silhouette and then painted!! They mix so beautifully with the polka dot patterned papers!! I’m in love!

It’s that time of year, the gift giving season! If you’re like me, there are plenty of birthdays, work events and holidays just within these few months at the end of the year. I give out a few handmade cards and gifts to special friends and family. They always know I’ll be making something pretty. I just have to, it’s in my blood! Lol!

photo-sep-26-6-03-54-pmwatercolor-cards-diyI made a few gift card holders using different papers and a few simple elements. Using a bone folder I just eyeballed it and scored a few sheets of paper to make a simple envelope. You can make them any size you like. I even think 4 strips cut from one sheet would be the perfect size for gift cards and would help you to stretch your supplies further. You can add whatever you want to the front. I always have a stash of flowers, stickers and buttons just for projects like this.

These are perfect to add small handwritten notes inside, gift cards or a little cash! You could even make a set of them in a certain color scheme for a wedding or party! I think I will definitely be making lots of these for the holidays! Happy Crafting!

photo-sep-26-6-04-18-pm photo-sep-26-6-03-10-pmHappy Tuesday Friends!


Supplies Used >> Silhouette Cameo Die Cut MachineWatercolor Brushes / Watercolor Paper / Watercolor Paints / Bloom Patterned Paper / Black & White Polka Dot Paper / Large Polka Dot Paper / Chipboard Flower Stickers / Label & Floral Stickers

Easy Gallery Wall Refresh

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Hi friends! Hope you had a great week! I don’t know about you but I am excited for the weekend! We have a great DIY home decor project for you today from design team member, Amanda Rydell and I know you are going to love it! A good gallery wall is hard to beat and I’ve always loved this one in Amanda’s home. It’s a fun idea to change things up for the fall and I love how she created a new look for her white deer head just by adding a piece of patterned paper behind it! So easy! Read on for the full tutorial!

Fall is officially here! I hate to even say it but I turned the heat on in my car yesterday and was not excited about it. I am not big into fall décor but decided this year I would try and add a little into my home decorating, especially since I finally got my hands on the new Maggie Holmes “Gather” paper collection and have fallen in love.
If you follow me on Instagram you have seen this gallery wall a few times and might recognize the white deer head that used to sit inside a blank frame. Today we are going to give that little deer a makeover.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Pattern Paper | Frame | Deer | Adhesive | Paint

Once you have all your supplies gathered, grab your paint brush and paint your frame and deer mount. I decided to paint both of mine white. Set your deer and frame aside to dry and grab the inside picture board from your frame.
Next we will attach the pattern paper to the inside picture board. Using the roller adhesive, cover the edges of the frame and a few spots in the middle . This step will hold our paper to the mat board. Attach the paper to the mat board making sure you line up the paper straight.
Once your frame and deer are dry, insert the pattern paper covered mat board back into your frame. Once your fame is back together it’s time to add your deer. I used a foam double sided adhesive square to attach my deer to my paper. Make sure you know where you want your deer before adding the adhesive as you only get one chance or you might rip your paper !!!!
deerpaperframe1-copyI love how the pattern paper added a new texture to my deer head and wall. And the best part is that this project can be done within an hour!!! The best kind of DIY!!
wallframesHappy Friday!


Supplies Used >> Gather 12×12 Paper Pad / Mini Paper Mache Deer Head on Plaque / Adhesive / Black & White Floral Paper / White Paint