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My Craft Room Tour Part 1

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Hi friends! March is National Craft Month and you know I love all things handmade and crafty so I am super excited about celebrating something I am so passionate about!! I always say I am a creative person at heart and it’s because the art of creating really does seep into most everything I do! Whether it is working on my product line for Crate Paper, making scrapbook pages and mini albums, taking photos, planning a birthday party or designing and decorating our home… I truly do love all things creative! And I literally can’t help but put my creative touch on everything! Even the way I store and organize things in my craft room! I like to make it functional but of course it has to be cute at the same time. And the creative aspect of styling it all to make it look pretty is something I find myself doing all the time. It’s half the fun I think! I especially love keeping new products and/or new treasures from the thrift store out in the open and on display like this. Not only does it make my studio a happy place for me to be in, but I am also more likely to use things that I can see!If you’ve been in my home, you know I am a collector of cake plates. I literally can’t get enough! They are everywhere haha! One thing I love most about them is that they are great for displays and for lifting things you want to display to different heights. They also make for super cute storage because you can keep your current favorite crafting supplies on them and it all looks fabulously styled at the same time… kind of like a store display, and who doesn’t love that! While at the Craft & Hobby Creativation trade show last month, I shared all the new Crate Paper storage products on my insta stories. (The cake plates are pictured above.) This collection of cute organization and storage products was a BIG hit at the show! Everyone wanted to know where and when they could get it all!! I mean, who doesn’t love to make the space they work in pretty and functional at the same time! I got my hands on some of these darling new storage products and they fit in perfectly with everything else I already had!How cute and fabulous are these mint green berry baskets! I use them for storing anything from square instagram photos to ribbon, yarn tassels, you name it!You might have noticed that this is only part of my craft room… mainly because I love to take a ton of photos and it’s too much to share the whole room in one post! This area is one of my favorites in the room so I decided to share it first! I scored this regency style bamboo campaign dresser off Craigslist and it functions so well because it adds lots of storage in the drawers. On top I keep a rotating mix of products that I use for scrapbooking and crafting and also props I use for styling pretty photos when we release new product lines etc. I also keep things I mentioned before on here that double as storage items but also look pretty at the same time – cake plates, vintage bowls, candy dishes, milk glass plates etc. Oh and I typically have a number of my current favorite thrifted art leaning here as well…. things I am wanting to frame or things that just make me happy and inspired to have in here! I’m loving this mint paper rack organizer because it holds 12×12 papers! On it I keep the papers from my newest collection, along with recent scrapbook pages that I’ve created! I also keep all of my chipboard sticker sets on here because I use them a ton and I like to mix and match those from older collections. Once again it really makes it functional to have the papers and stickers I’m currently using the most right at my fingertips!Thanks for taking a peek inside my workspace! I will share more of the other areas soon. Also I’d love to hear what things you like to have in your craft room or workspace! Do you like to make it pretty too and keep things out on display or do you prefer to have everything tucked away? It’s fun to hear how others stay organized and inspired at the same time!!

Quick Links to Crate Paper Storage Collection >> Paper Tray Storage Rack / Mint Ceramic Muffin Tin Storage / White Cake Plates / Berry Containers for Storage

As part of the celebration for National Craft Month, I’ve joined up with some other amazing crafty friends to do a big Craft Room Linky Tour! You can click the links below to tour more than 25 beautiful craft rooms and feminine workspaces! There’s a ton of inspiration so be sure to go visit them all and be ready for lots of great organizing ideas… everything from how to organize your craft supplies, how to make your workspace feminine and cute, how to keep things organized and pretty at the same time, craft room makeovers, a sewing cart tutorial, a mobile craft workspace, peg board organization and lots more!! Enjoy!!

Also be sure to PIN the first image below so that you can easily see all of these beautiful craft rooms whenever you want some great craft room inspiration and ideas for organizing your craft supplies!

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How To Install Panel Moulding

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Hi friends! As promised I’m sharing how to install panel moulding like we did in our recent dining room makeover. We are so happy with the results and I can’t say enough about how much the moulding and trim add to the overall look of the room!

maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-15 maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-33There’s a couple of different ways you can approach this project… full DIY installation of panel moulding OR you can hire it out. Or if you have a handy friend, you could ask them for help and you can assist and learn along the way. We considered doing the installation of the moulding ourselves, but in the end my husband was too busy with work and other responsibilities so we decided to have a trim carpenter come and install it for us. We did the measuring and ordering ourselves through Metrie and I definitely learned some important information during that small part of the process. You can find my tips here, along with the big mistake I made, so you don’t have to make the same mistake too!

Once we had the material, the trim carpenter came to install and I stuck around to watch and observe so that I could learn enough to give you a rundown of how to do it if you want to go the DIY route.

maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips1 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-2 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-3 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-4 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-6 maggie-holmes-dining-room-moulding-tips-12

Steps for Installing Panel Moulding

1 >> Plan your design and draw it out on the wall. I played around with a few different configurations for our moulding and drew them out to scale on paper so I could see how they would look. Once I decided on our final design, I used that for the measurements to order the moulding. TIP >> One great tip I learned from Metrie is that you can use painter’s tape to try out different designs on your wall before deciding. It really helps to get a vision of how it will actually look once it’s installed! The trim carpenter used my paper drawing to then pencil his guidelines onto our walls. He used a level of course and made sure it was all evenly spaced and looking good before cutting or installing any moulding.

2 >> There’s not necessarily an exact formula for the spacing that you leave in between your panel moulding or picture frame boxes. You do want to keep your spacing consistent though so we went with 3″ because that looked good to me and then we used that for all the spacing — spacing from the edges, spacing from the floor and ceiling and then spacing between the panel moulding boxes and between the boxes and the chair rail. I think consistency is the best tip here so that it all looks even and flows well. You can look at images online to see how different amounts of spacing will look.

3 >> Measure and cut your moulding to size. I don’t have any technical tips here other than to be sure you know what you are doing or enlist some help. You wouldn’t want to ruin a bunch of beautiful moulding. The corners are mitered so that’s the trickiest part and you want your corners to come together seamlessly for a beautiful look. You can create the boxes before attaching them to the wall and then put the whole box onto the wall at once. Or you can attach each of the four pieces to the wall separately and create the box as you install it. I’m not sure there is a right or wrong here, other than preference. Our carpenter created some before attaching them to the wall and others he attached piece by piece. I’d imagine the really big ones would be harder to attach as a whole box so that might be the difference.

4 >> Once you have all of your moulding installed, you’re ready to caulk and cover the nails and paint it! This is another step that you can DIY or hire out. You’ll want to fill each nail hole and caulk along the edges of the strips of moulding so that you don’t see any space or gap between the moulding and the wall. To create the look we have in our home, you will paint the entire wall and the moulding with the same color and sheen of paint. We chose white to flow with the rest of our home in a satin finish. There’s lots of different looks you can create with paint. You can paint the walls a color and the moulding white to get a more bold and graphic look, which will really highlight the design of your moulding. Or you can also choose your color and paint the walls and moulding the same color… Similar to what we did with the white, but with any color you can dream of. I’ve seen lots of beautiful rooms with all different colors and the looks are stunning! From light pale colors to bold dark ones like black or inky blue! So many possibilities!

maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-14 maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-58And finally you can step back and enjoy your beautiful finished room with your newly installed moulding! As a parting thought, my biggest tip is to think about the moulding and trim early on in your design or building process! It is much easier and more seamless to install it during the beginning stages. But either way, it makes all the difference and you will love the look of your new room once you have it in!!

I hope you’ve found my tutorial for how to install picture frame moulding or panel moulding helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Monday!


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This post was created in collaboration with Metrie.

Easy Dining Room Refresh

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Hi there! Today I want to show you how quick and easy it is to get a completely different look in your dining room, just by swapping out a few things! If you’re like me, you are always wanting to freshen things up and change your decor around, but without spending a lot of money! You can definitely get a whole new look on a budget and today I’m going to show you how.

Here’s the first look I created in our dining room – very monochromatic, mostly neutral with just subtle hints of soft color.

maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-34And here’s the second look, where I refreshed the space and made it feel more bright and bold with stronger moments of contrast and color.maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-16look-2-collage-2It’s definitely a whole different feel and you might be surprised to find out how easy and inexpensive it can be to change things up! Here are my tips for decorating your dining room on a budget!

Start with neutrals >> As I mentioned in this post about our dining room makeover, I wanted to build a neutral foundation. A light wood reclaimed wood table, linen and wood chairs and a long linen settee are the pieces I chose for our dining room. This modern farmhouse meets traditional look provides the perfect neutral base for me to build upon no matter the season or occasion or whatever decorating mood I am feeling at the moment.

Switch up the small things >> When refreshing your dining room, think small. You’ve already got your big pieces in place so now you’ll want to think about the accessories. Change up the little things, like the pillows and the items you display on your table.

Build a collection and use what you have >> I always recommend buying things you LOVE when you find them. I’m not saying to go crazy and fill your cart every time you are out shopping or online, but when you see something you absolutely love, pick it up and then you’ll start to build a collection of things that you can rotate around. This is what I do especially when it comes to pillows, cake plates, antique dishes and other little display pieces. Now when I am itching to change things up, I can move things to a different spot or put something away and bring another piece out to replace it. It makes it super easy to refresh the whole space when you don’t even have to go out shopping or buy anything new!

As you can see, I really only switched out the pillows and the items on the table and yet the space feels different now. It went from soft and light to more bright and bold simply by adding in the vibrant yellow velvet pillows and bright green palm leaf pillows. I also brought in more contrast by including the large black and white flocked peacock pillows on the end chairs. These pillows have my heart! They move around to different rooms in our home all the time and they work everywhere! I love that the peacock print is so fun and adds such a graphic punch. All the pillows and inserts are from Tonic Living and the quality is top notch! More on that here.

Finally I changed the dishes to these white ones so as not to compete with the other things going on and also added a fern to the table. I love ferns because of the bright saturated green they add to any space. It instantly breathes fresh new life into a room.

maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-60maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-11maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-36maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-62maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-26look-2-collage-1Wondering how I keep the pillows and fabric covered chairs clean in a dining room? We do use this space to eat in all the time as it’s right off the kitchen and it’s our only dining area. And we do have 6 kids, and yes it is still clean and still looks like this. There are a few things we do. First off, we talk a lot about manners with our children and teach them to lean over their plates, be careful and to not be sloppy when they are eating. Secondly if we are eating something that is a little messier, I will often take the pillows off the settee and stack them in the corner or in the family room while we eat. That definitely keeps them out of harm’s way. Also if it’s spaghetti or something that stains and you have a young little one who’s learning to eat at the table (like Henry will be soon) you can easily put a dish towel or small cloth down over the cushioned seat to protect it while you eat. And then we also used Scotchguard to protect all the fabric, because of course there will be accidents and spills along the way. Hope that helps!

Happy Friday!


Sources >> Black & White Flock Peacock Pillows / Black & White Intersections Pillows / Tropical Leaf Pillows / Herringbone Natural Pillows / Light Wood Farmhouse Style Dining Table / Linen & Wood Dining Chairs (similar) / Caned Back End Chairs (similar) / Linen Dining Bench / Moulding / Pillows / Cake Plates

This post was created in collaboration with Tonic Living.

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Vintage Chic Halloween

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Hi there! Have you been following along with my Inspiration Insiders Videos with Wayfair? I’ve been sharing some peeks over on my Instagram, but they are all up for viewing now!!

Today I wanted to show you my video about  how I decorate our entryway for Halloween! I love to create a big display in our entry because it’s the first thing you see when you come in our home.

I also like to make my seasonal decor feel like a natural extension of the rest of the house, so I mix things in that I would normally use to decorate – like vintage items, cake plates, glass domes etc. Not only does it make my holiday displays feel true to my style, but it also gives them a whole lot more visual interest by adding different heights and layers.

Click play on the video below to watch and hear my specific tips for making your seasonal decor stretch and for creating your own vintage chic Halloween vignette. I’d love to hear what you think and also what your favorite tips are for decorating for the holidays! Do you use a lot of color and add in traditional colors like orange and black for Halloween? Or do you go more monochromatic and match your display to the rest of your home?


Thanks so much for following along and for watching my video!

Here are the direct links to the glass cloches or glass domes that I showed in the video. They are something you won’t regret purchasing because they can be used all year round in your everyday decor, plus in your seasonal displays as well! They are my favorite because I love the wood bases! Tall Glass Cloche / Pedestal Glass and Wood Cloche

You can also watch my Halloween decor video on YouTube here. I won’t be mad if you want to pop over there and leave a comment or a thumbs up! wink wink 🙂

Happy Halloween!


Dining Room Moulding

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Hello! One of my favorite things about our new dining room is the moulding that we added to the walls! We’ve done quite a bit of trim in our new home and it is something I’m learning I can’t live without when it comes to interior design. It seriously makes such a difference and you could even say it makes all the difference!

maggie-holmes-dining-room-makeover-with-color-54editmaggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-31We worked with the Metrie brand for our moulding and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We went with a classic, traditional style when choosing our trim so that it would flow with the rest of our home, and it really is seamless. I chose moulding and chair rail from the French Curves Collection. It’s got beautiful detail to it and is truly the same look that I loved when we were in Europe last year!

I’ll be sharing more about how to install the panel moulding in your home in another post, but today I wanted to share a few quick tips for choosing and ordering moulding or trim for your home.

Tip 1 >> Trim and other interior finishings are definitely an important part of interior design and should be thought of very early in your design or renovation process! Of course, you can definitely always add moulding to any room at any point, but it’s much easier to create a cohesive look (and it’s also easier logistically) if you make it a priority from the beginning!

Tip 2 >> Choose moulding that creates a look or feel that’s in sync with your design style. Just like any other finish, there are lots of styles of trim, so take your time and pick carefully. You’ll want it to elevate the style or look you are going for, as opposed to choosing something that doesn’t quite flow with the overall feel of your home. Metrie makes this step pretty easy because their mouldings are grouped together on their site according to style and they have a lot of image examples so you can get a good feel for each collection before ordering.

Tip 3 >> Measure twice, order once! If you are ordering moulding for the first time or going the DIY route, it’s helpful to at least talk to someone who’s done it before or even get some help with measuring and ordering. Something I didn’t realize (which now seems obvious) is that you can’t just measure the total linear length you need if you are doing panel moulding (sometimes also referred to as picture frame boxes) or applying the moulding like we’ve done in our dining room. That’s how I measured the first time and we came up short, big time! The reason why is because the trim comes in certain lengths and you want the sides of your frames to be full lengths of trim. So for example if you need a piece that’s 7′ long and the stick length is 8′, that leftover foot of trim is basically unusable. You wouldn’t want to try to create a 7′ length with all of your leftover 1′ pieces. So you have to figure out all of the different size complete lengths you need and then figure out what you can get out of each stick of moulding, and then that will help you determine how many total sticks you need (as opposed to just adding up all the lengths). Sounds a little technical but you can draw it out on paper and that will help too. And then of course always order a little extra just in case.

maggie-holmes-neutral-dining-room-makeover-47I’ll be back to share more on how to apply panel moulding to get this look in your own home. For now, let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help!

A big thank you to Metrie for working with us on our dining room makeover! All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and we truly couldn’t be happier with the products and service!

Happy Monday!


Wayfair’s Inspiration Insiders

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Hi there! I’ve been SUPER busy the last 6 weeks, working on some home decorating VIDEOS with Wayfair as part of their Inspiration Insiders series. It’s been an honor to be asked to be a part of this series! It’s also been a lot of work, but a lot of fun too! Over the next 6 weeks I will be sharing a whole bunch of interior design inspiration and decorating ideas right from our home.

For now, I would LOVE it if you would watch my intro video below and take a mini tour of our home… and feel free to hop on over to my video on youtube to comment and give it a thumbs up! hint, hint 🙂

Oh, and watch for a quick little debut of baby Henry! I didn’t even realize he made it into the video the first few times I watched it haha! Sneaky boy!


P.S. > We had some audio issues on this first video and I wish it sounded better so I apologize for that! It’s been a fun ride and also definitely a learning experiencing when it comes to the shooting videos side of things! Thanks so much for watching and for going easy on me while I learn! 🙂

Happy Monday Friends!