Today’s post from Jessy is near and dear to my heart and very touching. She is the cutest little mama ever and it really shows through her instagram and the scrapbook layouts that she creates about her daughter and their relationship! Being able to have children hasn’t come easy for her and her husband, and you can tell she appreciates her role as a mother even more because of those struggles. She is now expecting their second baby and I know she is over the moon excited and so very grateful to be blessed with another little one. Read on to hear her sweet sentiments and feelings about motherhood and also her process for creating this beautiful scrapbook page.

Being a mummy is a HUGE blessing in my life. Those who know my stories of conceiving a child will know that it took me 7 years to finally to become a mummy to my eldest daughter. And now, I’m pregnant with my second girl. All that happened because the grace of God! I can’t wait for my eldest to meet her baby sister. What beautiful blessings to have little girls!

Week18_1aTo create this layout, I always go through the products to find inspiration. I will take some time to let the products “speak” to me. When I saw the green striped + happy moment patterned papers, I instantly knew that it would work well with the floral ephemera. (I just can’t enough of those! I think I need a warehouse of them lol.) Then, I began to pick up the rest of the embellishments that matched with the paper & floral. With just a little organization or following a system each time, trust me… you will save a lot of time on your layout/project, especially when you have limited time in a day! Most importantly, just enjoy the creative process. There is no right or wrong!

Maggie’s layered floral metal die-cut set from the Confetti collection is still my all-time fave! That die is so versatile. You can use it on so many kinds of handmade paper crafts!

Week18_2Layering chipboard stickers side by side onto the layout sure gives a fun look to your layout too!

Week18_3Thank you once again for stopping by and taking a peek at my layout! Have a great crafting week! xoxo Jessy

Happy Thursday Friends!


Supplies Used >> Maggie Holmes Bloom Collection  Also HERE / Bloom Chipboard Stickers / Bloom Ephemera Die Cuts (Similar) / Bloom 12×12 Patterned Paper Pad  / Bloom Accent Stickers / Bloom Patterned Paper: MomentsTogether / Bloom Puffy Phrase & Accents / Sizzix Big Shot Plus / Bloom Photo Floral Alphabet Stickers / Bloom Clear & Gold Foil Stickers / Layered Flower Dies / Confetti 6×6 Paper Pad

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Hi there! Today I’m sharing some more photos of our living room that I haven’t shared yet. I also wanted to share an update and some thoughts on having a white couch with 6 kids because many of you have asked about that! haha! You can see the first part of our living room tour here.

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-34 Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-26First of all, this is still the most complete room in our new home. Well except for the girls’ bedroom, which is pretty much done. All the other rooms are still a work in progress and I’m enjoying the process of taking my time a bit and putting things together a little here, a little there. But in all reality no room is every really done for me because I change things up all the time. The pillows in the living room are already different from these photos and I’ve moved / added some things to the gold shelves as well. It’s just what I do… move things around and freshen it up. It’s a part of the creative process for me.

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-6 Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-7I’ve had a lot of questions about choosing a white couch when we have 6 kids and I was definitely nervous when we first ordered it, but I haven’t regretted that choice once. I’d always wanted a white couch so I decided to go for it. A few factors that helped me take the plunge are that this is the living room, not the family room, which for us is a more formal space that we don’t “hang out” in every single day. It’s not our tv room where the kids are lounging, playing etc. I have seen some brave souls that have white or cream couches in their family rooms and I’m almost to the point where I think I might go for that too, but for now this was a good solution for me.

I also ordered the couch in a fabric that was on the forgiving side and that could be wiped down as opposed to a fabric that was going to cause problems in that area. We ordered through Cortate Furniture and they have swatches of all the available fabrics along with cleaning codes that tell you how well a fabric is going to hold up and how easy it will be to clean if needed. That was super helpful for me in choosing because it gave me a little peace and comfort that my all white couch wouldn’t be ruined the first time a little something got on it.

Next up I covered that thing in Scotchguard! I followed the directions on the can and gave it a good two coats. I should probably add one more just to be safe. And finally I gave the kiddos a good talking to, that they are only allowed on the white couch if their hands are clean and their shoes are off and no food in here obviously! I’m not one to tell our kiddos that the whole room is off limits because I do want them to be able to enjoy the space too, but I basically told them to use common sense and not to come in here and roll around after doing yard work or playing outside! ha! Nathan likes to come in here and read, which is perfectly great with me! Shoes off, hands clean and he is good to go!

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-16 Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-17Sadly this fiddle fig isn’t looking quite as pretty these days. My fiddle figs always seem to lose a lot of their lower leaves. Is this normal or does anyone have any tips for that? I’ve read all the tips on keeping fiddle leaf fig trees alive and I can keep them alive pretty well. I just can’t seem to keep them full at the bottom and I’m not sure if there is a solution for that or if there is, what it is! PLEASE share if you know!!

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-4Henry and Lizzy’s favorite thing to do is come in here and hide in the fireplace! Henry also loves to gather all the candlesticks from the gold shelves and either carry them around the house or clank them on the coffee table…. which is not such a great idea so I’ve moved them to the mantle for now!

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-20 Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-30This rug from RugsUSA is still a favorite. I love how it has a subtle blue to it and also that it feels faded in areas. It feels fresh and a little bit old/vintage at the same time.

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-2 Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-3These last two shots are a pretty real depiction of life around here. No matter what I’m doing, Elizabeth and Henry are my little shadows and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They make everything I do a whole lot more fun and they are the reason I am always smiling from ear to ear!

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-48These last two are a little blurry but I still love how they show Henry always being right in the middle of things and having no clue what is going on or what we were trying to do! He definitely keeps things fun and upbeat and helps me to remember to not take things too seriously and I’m thankful for that!

Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-54 Maggie Holmes + Joss & Main March 2016-53Thanks so much for following along with our home tours here on the blog! It means a lot to me to be able to share something I love so much and am passionate about with you! As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything and I’d be happy to help!

Happy Wednesday!


Sources >> Joss & Main for Chairs (similar), Coffee Table (similar), X Ottomans / Cortate Furniture for White Couch

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  • Alicia - I am also looking at placing a pot of fig tree in the living room. From what i have read, do expect the bottom leaves to drop off..its normal.
    I am so envious of your house. Its like a showroom all year round!ReplyCancel

Here in Arizona, the Summer season pretty much means one thing >>> SWIMMING! By the time we get into the triple digits, it gets a bit too hot to do much else. And even when we do venture out, you can bet that the kids are begging to jump in the minute we get home so they can cool off!

They’ve already been swimming a ton and in the Summer, they will be in and out multiple times a day. The only downfall in that for me is that if I’m not careful, I can end up washing towels constantly and spending most of my Summer in the laundry room! Ha!

Today I’ve teamed up with Persil ProClean to share a few of my Summer essentials that will make this aspect of things a little easier.

I don’t know about you but when I’m doing lots of laundry, it can become a bit annoying to have to lug out the huge bottles of detergent! Half the time we leave them out sitting on top of the washing machine but then I feel like it all looks cluttered and messy. I saw these drink dispensers and jars at Target one day and it occurred to me that this could be a great solution!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-1I simply poured my detergent into the large drink dispenser and now it can sit right on top of the washing machine. Not only does it look clean and pretty, but it is so easy to dispense using the little spicket! I put my fabric softener and dry detergent into the smaller jars and they look so cute now! (If you have kids, just be SURE they know that this is detergent and not something to drink!!)

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-2 Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-7I’ve been using Persil ProClean for a long time now and I’m still truly loving it. A while back I tried something different and within a few weeks was wondering why our whites were looking so dingy. I quickly realized it was due to the detergent and switched right back. Even though this post is sponsored, this is my honest experience or I wouldn’t be so bold about the reasons I love this detergent so much! When you do as much laundry as I do, you take these things seriously and Persil has definitely not disappointed!

Persil ProClean is now available at select Target stores across the nation and also available online here. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-6Another Summer essential for me was getting some new swimming towels. It seems that we never have enough! I’ve heard amazing things about these new turkish towels from Mae Woven that seem to be popping up in my IG feed a lot lately so I decided to give them a try. I love how stylish they are… but more importantly, they are thin, very absorbent, take up less room and dry really really quickly! Now I can wash all the towels in one load instead of doing multiple loads to get them all clean!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-3I also needed a place to hang our towels in between swimming sessions. Previously the kids were leaving them around outside or tossing them on the floor because I didn’t have a designated spot to hang them… which then meant they would get dirty and stay wet and I’d have even more towels to clean! Not fun for me!

I put these vintage gold hooks in the laundry room so now we have a specific place to hang the swimming towels. And again with these new turkish towels being so thin, we will be able to hang a few on each hook. Now that we have a solution for this, we can keep them clean longer, which means less laundry for me! Yay! Have you tried these towels yet? If so, I’d love to hear your experience! If they turn out to be as amazing as they sound, I want to get a bunch more!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-4I’ve been busy working on other rooms in our new home and haven’t really done much of anything to the rest of the laundry room yet…. hence all the empty walls and such. I’m still trying to find the perfect sized baskets for the kids’ locker area and trying to decide whether to do a gallery wall in here or a big chalkboard and big bulletin board. Decisions…. decisions! Any ideas, inspiration or links to your favorite baskets for the laundry room for me? I’d LOVE to hear!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-8One of my very favorite things we did in our new home was combine the laundry and mud room into one so that we would have space for two washers and two dryers. I know what a blessing it is to even have one set so having two is pretty much a luxury, but I am truly grateful every single day! It was worth it to me to forgo some other things in the house that we might have done in order to make this happen. Brian thinks it’s funny how this was one of the things I was most looking forward to about our new home! And I pretty much get excited about it still, every time I go in here! I just feel so productive and efficient with our laundry situation now. I can stay on top of it and get it done in a couple of days, instead of always feeling like I am drowning in never ending piles upon piles still to do!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-9 On another note, it’s PEONY season! Yippeee! I feel like I count down for this all year long! I got a bunch from Trader Joe’s yesterday and they are opening up just beautifully!

Maggie Holmes Laundry Room & Persil-10Thanks for following along! And remember to share your laundry inspiration with me! I am playing with some different ideas for above the sink as well! Would love to hear your thoughts / ideas too!

Happy Day!


(This post is in partnership with the Persil brand, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own and are my honest opinions.)

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  • Simone Mc - Maggie, what a fabulous laundry room! I think I might actually enjoy doing laundry in here………well maybe! Ha! I just received a Turkish towel as a gift from a friend, in Aqua, but I haven’t tried it yet. Whatever you do in your laundry room will be lovely! You have such great taste. Enjoy the process! Must be so exciting!!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Loving the laundry room & I’m going to have to try those towels — I have towels coming out my ears already! Need to find a solution pronto.ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Gorgeous, Maggie! What did you use on your countertops in the laundry room? So pretty!ReplyCancel