Best Little Friends

These two are the best little friends and they have really developed a close relationship the last few months. As Henry has gotten a little older and is more able to interact and play, they have formed this wonderful bond. It’s so heart warming for me to watch them together and to see them having fun and playing all the time. In fact when Elizabeth started kindergarten this last fall, Henry was so lost without her. He would ask for her and look for her all morning long until she got home. He would also be super clingy and want to be right on my lap or following right along with me whatever I was doing at home. Then as soon as she would get home from school, he would run off and be happy and content to play with her and be right by her side. It was then that I realized just how close of friends they were and I love it so much!

Elizabeth is also a little mother and protector and it’s adorable to watch her take care of Henry and be so concerned about every little thing he does. She talks to him in her sweet little mothering voice and makes sure he is always very happy and well taken care of!!

We stopped off the side of the road one day and snapped a few photos. I don’t feel like I have taken as many photos of Henry with my big camera as I did with the other kids. Probably because we always have our phone cameras now and I take so many of them with that. But it’s nice to take some higher quality images every now and then as well! I just love the ones of Elizabeth posing and Henry playing with the rocks. It shows their cute unique personalities!  Happy Thursday Friends!


P.S. Elizabeth’s Dress is from here >> Remie Girl Instagram / Remie Girl Website It’s the perfect twirl dress for little girls! It’s comfy and so cute and she loves wearing it because it “twirls so good!”

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    April 14, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Always love you photos Maggie – it’s thanks to your course years ago that I have a computer full of better than my iPhone photos of my girls. Treasure them! I’m ready to upgrade from my Olympus pen- mini. What are you using would it be good for mid-range ability (me haha) what did you use if you are using an out of my range camera now? Thanks maggie 🙂 Meg (@fourcloverdesign)

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