Here are some of the pictures from our Arizona trip. I just downloaded them – didn’t do any editing or any of that yet but wanted to get them on here! This is for you mom!! 🙂

1 and 2: Nathan’s new love – this kid loves to eat!!
3 and 4: Brian and the boys riding the scooter at the park. Tyler really mastered it this time! He was going down small hills and riding that thing around and around! He loves it! I love to see him doing well at things like this!!
5: Matthew at the park being wild and crazy – his usual self!!
6: Matthew’s new best friend – Ellie. She is spunky and so cute and they got along so well! The first thing Matthew would ask each day when we would pull up at the Edwards’ house was "Is Ewie dere??"
7: The "boys" playing Jack Bauer. They all got BB guns and would go to the park at night to play! I swear Brian has just as much fun as the little kids when he gets together with his brothers and nephews!
8 and 9: Some of the cousins hanging out –
10: Brad and Sunny blessed their little guy, William, on New Year’s Day. He is so cute. He is the one that was born on Thanksgiving Day when we were last there! Their little girl is Haylee Mae – such a cutie!